A Peak At Spring Time

I couldn’t wait to take a peak. I pushed
back the mulch and sure enough, there
they were. Daffodil bulbs I planted in the
fall had forced through winter’s frozen
ground. Once again I was seeing evidence
of the miracle of Spring time.

I can’t help but think of the parallel in our lives. Winter seasons of our lives,
threaten our faith and endurance. We wonder if the joy of springtime will come
again? Will we be able to rise up and leave winters past behind us?

There is One who promises that we can endure. We can pass that test.
We can rise up again and experience new beginnings that God promises for
those who love Him.

For those who believe, our hope lies in the God and Father of our LORD
Jesus Christ,and in His Promised Presence. He has promised He will never
leave nor forsake.

When sickness, death and loss shake our world; when doubts and fears raise
their ugly heads; when the battlefield of our heart tempts us to question when
we should trust, we need to remember the Lord is near.  He doesn’t leave us
alone to fight our battles. He gets down in the trenches of our troubled hearts
when we can no longer fight for ourselves. He fights for us and gives strength
to climb out of the pit and teaches us to embrace rekindled hope and the new
beginnings God promises.

The same God who planted seeds of new growth in the beginning, (Genesis 1)
also plants new seeds of hope in hearts that make room for Jesus.

May hope spring up in our hearts today, as we wait for the miracle of spring.

Winter is past, and the rains are over and gone. Flowers are springing up,
and the season of singing has come. 
 Song of Songs sv. 2:11,12 NLT

Love Saw Our Need


ove saw our greater need…

Behind the questions of Nicodemus the teacher.
The woman caught in adultery.
The thief on the cross.
Saul the Pharisee and murderer.
The lost one in church, religious, but no relationship.
The Cross of Calvary is an invitation to all.
It doesn’t matter who we are
or what we have done.

The religious teacher who seeks Jesus is born again,
and receives new life of God’s Spirit.
The immoral released from guilt and shame
now walks with a pure heart.
The thief enters paradise
and lives with Jesus forever.
The Pharisee paroled from hell,
receives new life and vision.
The religious rebel redeemed from self-works
now walks with the Living God.
If we want to know God and live with Him eternally,
we need only look to the Cross and believe.

For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him, will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day. (John 6:40)

When we see Jesus, the foot of the cross becomes the Amazing Throne of Grace.

Will you meet me there?

 Our Father in Heaven, we bow our hearts and lives before you, thanking you for eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. May Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.  Forgive our sins. Renew our faith. Give us new songs of praise. In the name of Jesus our Lord, amen.



#3-Pass The Story Down

Pass the story down from generation to generation (Joel 1:3 NLT).

“Grandma, do you know everywhere you walk, you leave your footprints?”

Looking down, I saw a perfect set of footprints on the freshly carpeted floor. My granddaughter was right—
and her words gripped my heart. She was watching my every move, even where I walked.

It made me wonder—what kind of impression am I leaving on the hearts of my grandchildren?  

Someone said,  “A child is born only once, but a grandparent is reborn with each new grandchild”. How True! Grandchildren know how to pour new life into grandparents.

There’s just no greater joy than spending time with them. My husband, Dave and I are always excited about having the grand-kids come for a visit. We may sometimes be tired when they leave to go home, but its the most rewarding tired there is! It doesn’t take long for us to rest up and we’re ready for them to come again!

I think of my Grandma Biggs. She was the happiest when she was with her children and grandchildren, yet the joy of the Lord remained constant in her life no matter whom she was with. My greatest childhood memories were made  in the love and joy I felt when I went to grandma’s house.

I was always greeted with a joyful smile and big hug. Her laughter was contagious—her love unconditional. Grandma was always there for me—to listen—to pray—to encourage.

Even after she died, memories of her life were a constant source of encouragement.
And when life’s challenges left me shaken in faith and in need of wisdom; I asked myself, “What would Grandma want me to do.” I knew the answer.  This loving fortress of a woman always encouraged me to look to the Lord for strength and direction.

I know He hears my heart’s cry. I know He loves and forgives me. I know my life is a work in progress.

And so is yours. He will complete the work He started in me—and in you!

Lord,  Help us leave loving footprints of the Savior on the hearts of others for generations to come. Amen. 


Take Time to Breathe

Too often, I get the cart before the horse…making hasty decisions I later regret. I got up this morning, tired from the events of the weekend, yet anxious to get to my writing. After quickly reading my bible and praying, I felt I was ready.

Several frustrating, failed attempts later, I got up from the computer—Put on my shoes and took a walk. The blog would have to wait. It was the best decision I could have made!


I took time to breathe in the beautiful fragrance of the rose.

I took time to breathe in the beauty of the changing sky on the mountaintop.

morning on mountain top

Later I sat on the porch with my husband and we enjoyed a cup of chai together,
feasting our eyes on mourning doves and songbirds at our feeder.


Ah—This is just what I needed!

Was it co-incidence when our chimes played
a beautiful melody as we joined hands in prayer? I think not!

Once again, I was reminded—All I can bring to Jesus are my needs.

My priorities now in order, I came back to my writing—renewed, encouraged, and energized. I was ready to write.

I love to take time to smell the roses—Yet without the fragrance of the Rose of Sharon in my life, I just don’t function well!

How about you?

Let’s go off by our-selves to a quiet place and rest awhile.  Mark 6:31




“I will stand at my guard post. I will wait to see what the LORD says

And how he will answer my complaint.”
(Habakkuk 2:1 NLT).

I sat down to pray… but words would not come. Finally I poured out my tears;  “Your Words Lord…I don’t know how to pray!”

Jehoshaphat knew where to turn when the threatening letter came against his household. He could not fight his enemies alone. He called God’s people together for prayer—and God’s answer came with power and clarity!

“You need not fight this battle. Stand firm; see the deliverance the LORD will give you.
(11 Chronicles 20:17a NIV).

This was God’s battle! His people waited on Him in prayer…and obeyed His Words. They faced their enemy with bold faith; and songs of deliverance preceded the victory God gave that day.

The place was called Barakah…the Valley of Blessing!

When all kinds of difficulties come, do you feel alone in the conflict? Maybe you hesitate to ask others to pray because of fear of rejection. Maybe it’s just too hard to admit you have a need. Maybe the body of Christ has failed to support you in the past.

I have been there! I have known loneliness in the midst of deep pain. I have known fear that brought me to a standstill. I have lost God’s peace because of pride, anger, or unforgiveness. I am no longer there, because of the kindness and grace of God…nor do you have to be. Healing and strength come when we face our fears and tell God all that’s in our hearts. Ask God to bring just the right brother or sister into your life to pray with you.

Like Jehoshaphat, when we reach out and take willing hands, our hearts can be encouraged and healed to move forward.  Jesus never intended the body of Christ to be scattered in times of warfare. He desires we encircle each other with arms of loving support and pray with one another…no matter what. We need each other. There is strength in numbers, even if its two or three!

We are the Body of Christ. The community of Faith. There is power in prayer, both in our private prayer closet and in prayer with others.

I think the enemy must tremble when we choose to come together for prayer rather than run the other way.

Maybe someone reading this needs to take the risk and reach out for prayer. I am praying you will. It’s God’s way and He promises victory when we do it His way.

What practical lessons may we learn from Jehoshaphat in his time of crisis?

First: Run to Jesus! He is there to give strength and direction in times of crisis.

Second: Ask the Lord to direct you to the right person (persons) to pray with you. Two or more can defeat the enemy’s schemes and strategies.

Three: Pray together. If words fail, pray the Lord’s Prayer together, pausing to meditate after each phrase.

Four: Be still and wait for the Word of the Lord. It might be a still small voice of comfort or a convincing voice of direction.

Five: Get up and go on in trust as you let go of your burden. God will reveal His will and purpose in His time.

Six: Give God praise and thanksgiving as you obey what He tells you to do. He will walk with you from the valley to the mountaintop.

Seven: Rejoice and recount the blessings that came out of your valley of difficulty.

Eight: Ask yourself… Did I find myself richer in lessons learned about God and His faithfulness…even when the results may not have been what I wanted? Am I able to look beyond temporary suffering as a means to eternal gains? *


“I will never leave you, nor forsake.

In my hand is a sword, and for you my child, I undertake.

You need not fight in this battle!

 Stand firm in Me and wait. 

Those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.

You will see the goodness of the Lord.

Station yourself in this battle!

 Stand firm in Me and wait. 

Though trials linger and hell seems bent to destroy,

Station yourself in this battle!

 Stand firm in Me and wait. 

When time seems too long, too far from your sight;

There will be a day, a time of favor.

Station yourself in this battle!

                                                                                                        Stand firm in Me and wait.

* 11 Chronicles 20 gives full story of God’s deliverance for His people
* 2 Corinthians 4:18

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