The Love That Holds Us


I stepped to the balcony and
fastened my eyes on the rolling,
crashing waves at Gulf Shores,
in sweet home Alabama. Dave
and I were there to celebrate
49 years of marriage.

I couldn’t stop the tears. This place
held so many special memories.

We felt like teenagers as we dodged wave after wave of the beautiful shoreline.

It wasn’t long before we stepped in, wetting our feet with the invigorating tide of warm, salty foaming water. Ah, it felt so good!


Pretty soon we were gathering seashells, each one different in varying size, shape, and color.We would give these keepsakes
to the grand-children God has so richly blessed us with.

Not wanting to leave oceanside we sat on the sand, and reminesed

over the sweet memories of years gone by. Grateful for the mercy that
held on to us when the ebb and flo of life’s challenges threatened our hold on each other… and Him.

We watched the waves rushing towards us, reminding us of God’s never-ending un-changing grace….And the love that just keeps coming, coming towards us, through all the changing seasons of our lives.

He is the third cord stand of love that holds us together.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV

Till The Clouds Roll By


Oceanside…. Dark clouds hide the sun.
Pounding waves slam against
rocks and boulders.
Rolling breakers hitting shoreline.
Here I am hoping
the sun will break through.
Waiting till the clouds roll by.

So much like my life—This scene
at Oceanside.
Mornings when the sun
refused to shine.
Dark clouds would not go away.
Sometimes by faith alone we are
Waiting till the clouds roll by.

Do I regret darkness that
threatened to overwhelm?
No—Jesus broke through me
with radiant light and life!
He was with me
all the time—
Waiting till the clouds rolled by.

2012 © Glenda Mills