The Heart Of Our Daddy

Time alone revealed the true heart of our Daddy.


Seasons of his life reflected the loving care he gave our family.
We remember a daddy who held his children close, rocked
sang beautiful songs of faith over us.
We remember long years of sacrificial hard work to provide for a growing family.
His example taught us to take responsibility for those we love,
even when the cost is great.
Looking back, we believe he would have given his life for any one of us.
That kind of love goes a long way when it is
forever modeled before you.
We remember the love that swelled our hearts when he would say;
“I’m the richest man in town because of the
seven children God gave me.”
We remember Daddy was always true to Mother.
Loving her, providing for and protecting
her all those years.
We remember a contagious laughter that just about lifted the roof.
Like the day we watched our favorite family movie.
Those were the times 
we just about got down
and rolled on the floor with him.
How we loved to hear Daddy laugh.
We remember challenging seasons of life, when hope was restored by
his oft-quoted confident words.
“Everything’s going to be all right”.
An echo of the promise of Romans 8:28:
“God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God.”

Thank you God for giving us a daddy that left us with
a legacy we shall always cherish. 


# 4 – Pass The Story Down

<< Legacy

Tell your children about it in the years to come, and let your children tell their children.
Pass the story down from generation to generation (Joel 1:3 NLT.)

How fitting God would give this poem to my younger sister the day Grandma left us and went to heaven. Catherine Naomi…the granddaughter named after her…has the same joy and gift of hospitality Grandma Biggs had.

Grandma Biggs

I saw you just the other day,
Busily working in your big old house…
preparing food, loving life,

Showing genuine concern for
Those around you.

I saw you just the other day, on your birthday –
Such a special one.
Oh how we loved hearing your
Precious gift of laughter!
Such a sweet lady.

We were honored to be near you.

I saw you just the other day,
Greeting me at the door,
Hugging me so warmly.
Only grandmothers can hug like that.
I noticed  your walk was a bit slower
And you were growing older….
t that lovely sparkle still shone in your eyes.

I saw you just the other day, On Christmas –
Your face alight with joy at having
your children all around you.
Those times always made you the happiest,
Yet you were always full of the joy of the Lord.

I saw you just the other day, so weak, so tired,
So weary of suffering.
I will never forget y
our arm slowly reaching
Around my shoulder.
That little hug spoke more than words ever could.
You are the closest I have ever come to an angel.

How sweetly these days have flown into years.
How quickly these years have passed by me.
Though now your home will be with our wonderful Savior,
On this earth you will always live in the seeds
You have p
lanted in my heart.

© circa 1981 Cathy Chandler  

Thank you Cathy, for writing down these words to help keep Grandma’s memory alive.

Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away when we will gather around our tables with friends and family and share the bounty and goodness of God in our lives. Why not remember those who modeled the life of faith before us?

Who will you remember this Thanksgiving?