A Song in the Night


I’d rather walk in the valley with Jesus, than on a mountain-top without Him. He gives a song in the night. knitting our hearts together with sweet chords of love. I’d rather walk through valley’s long trial with the Shepherd— … Continue reading

#God Proved His Love For You


Made right with God by faith in Jesus—

Peace with God through the blood of His son,

A place to stand in undeserved privilege,

Waiting for the glory of His second return.


Easter Reflections from Romans 5

Wash My Feet?

“Never shall you wash my feet!”
This was too much for Peter.

Too much to think the Lord
would want to wash his feet.
This was the Christ, the very
Son of God. Peter knew in his
heart he should be washing
Jesus feet!

When Jesus told Peter he could have no part in the life of Jesus without
being washed by Him, the reluctant disciple’s heart softened.

Then Lord, wash not only my feet, but my hands and my head. 

Jesus took a towel and basin and met with me one day.
Will you let me wash your feet before you go your way?
Before you begin the work, I’ve called you to do;
Before you yield your body, My power and love flow through.
Before you face another day, knowing not what it will bring,
Will you let me wash your feet and cause your heart to sing?
Will you cease from all self-effort, come to me and rest?
Learn my yoke is easy, My will for you is best.
Will you let me wash your feet before you start your day?
Will you listen for my voice, My will and my way?
  . . . . . .

The poem was given to me out in the middle of the ocean years ago. Hoping
I would not forget the words pouring into my heart, I prayed I would remem-
ber them when I returned to my hotel room.

Sure enough, a couple of hours later, I sat down to write and to my delight,
the words came back as quickly as when I first heard them.

Thank you Lord. What a wonder to think you want to spend time lavishing
your love on your children. All 
we need do is make room in our hearts for you
to receive the fresh down pour of amazing grace
 that cleanses and renews
thoughts and intents of our hearts, and gives a new song to sing.