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Hope That Doesn't Disappoint


Shoots of New Growth

This hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5:5

IMG_1583.jpg.irisheartofhopeWe don’t have to leave our home these days for the world’s bad news to come crashing down upon us. Too much information . . . both good and bad . . . crowds our souls as we search the internet, scan the news and browse Facebook. Sometimes we just need to stop . . . pull back . . . and take a break from the world.

The best way I know of getting away from it all is to get up early and watch a new day dawn. Now with the changing of seasons, I love to take a walk and embrace the beauty of springtime.  Signs of new growth surround me and soon I’m down on my knees digging in the soil . . . pulling weeds . . . transplanting old plants . . . adding new ones.

In the same way,  Spring can ring eternal in our hearts when we take time to walk through the Word of God and embrace the promises found there. The eternal truths written down for us never lose their power to renew and refresh our minds. Give comfort when we grieve a loss…and cause new hope to arise in our hearts during times of stormy trials and winds of adversity.

There’s a hope rooted
down deep . . .
Deep in the soil of God’s love.
Winds of adversity
tests it . . .
Stormy trials try

to possess it . . .
But hope is rooted,
rooted down deep
in the soil of
God’s love.  

There’s a hope springing up
with shoots of

new growth.
Nothing can stop it—
Evil can’t thwart it.
Hope always
thrusts through

hardened soil,
softened by Spring’s rain.
Eternal hope . . .

Everlasting love.

Anchor of my soul,
birthed and
born again. (John 3:3-17)

Eternal Seed implanted . . .
catch the wind of the Spirit.
New life . . .
spring forth.

Awaken winter’s dead.
Heavenly showers fall—
rain flowers
upon my soul.


When Flowers Fade


Seems like the older I get the faster
the seasons come and go…and the
challenges that come with them.
This has been especially true this
year. Two deaths in our family, both
sudden and unexpected.

A special niece the day after Christmas, followed by the death of a brother-in law just six months

We traveled to South Alabama both times, wanting to give support and comfort for my sisters and
their famlies as we grieved the loss of loved ones together.

Now months later, we are about to witness another changing season. Soon the flowers of summer
will fade and fall as the heat of summer gives way to shorter days and cooler temperatures with the
promise of another winter to soon follow.

I don’t feel ready for another winter. Seems like we just got through the last one. Yet I love this time
ofthe year. The metamorphosis of Fall beckons me to feast my eyes on the beauty of the changing
season when green leaves magically turn yellow, gold, red and brown.

For me the beautiful backdrop of God’s creation causes me to pause and reflect on the faithfulness
of God during the changing seasons of our lives.

Even the season of death and sorrow cannot take away the hope of seeing our loved ones again.
Death has been swallowed up in life. They are just beyond the thin veil that seperates heaven and

Unlike the falling leaves, the Word of the Lord remains with us forever. We cling to the hope of the
eternal and faithful promises that hold and strengthen us during times of grief and loss. And we
find peace through the Comforter who lives within us.

Our lives are like a fading flower, but we believe we will bloom in heaven for eternity.

What a great reunion in heaven awaits those who place their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, where
He has prepared a place for us to live with Him eternally.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, so that whoever
believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

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Thirteen Hours Away – Reblogged Post by Verna Bowman

Happy Spring everyone…at least that’s what the calendar says today. We have sunshine this morning and we missed the snow storm and after effects that others are struggling with in the North East. I just wanted to share this post written by my dear friend Verna Bowman in anticipation of Spring. I hope you will take time to visit Verna’s blogsite. Blessings to you all!