Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

A Faith More Precious Than Gold


The Valley of Trials

You have come through
the valley of trials,
and have found Me faithful.
You’ve wept and cried out,
worshipped, and leaned hard on Me,
and always—always
I’ve been by your side.

I’ve sung over you
and rejoiced to hear you pick
up the song
and sing it back to Me.
I’ve held you close
to My heart
when yours was breaking.

I’ve promised your joy will return
and will watch and
wait with you,

until you find it to be so.
I am all you need,
no matter
the season, trial or test.

I have found your tested faith more precious than gold.

I have sought you out,
chosen and called you to come to Me.
I am your very source of
the Bread of life and Living water.
and I’ll be what it takes
to meet your need.



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Feeling Incomplete?


I wonder what happened? A
missing petal caused the lily to
appear incomplete. I feel that
way sometimes, when I’m caught
off guard and respond in ways
that  are or unkind to those
around me. Then perfection
raises its ugly head and accuses:

“You’re still flawed, incomplete, imperfect!”

Disappointment grips my heart and I cry out…“How long O Lord, how long?”

Then I hear the still small voice within; “As long as it takes.”
And my heart is encouraged.

How about you? Ever get discouraged or impatient when your reactions fail to
reflect the love of God? If so, isn’t it good to remember the promises from God’s Word.

The truth is, every follower of Jesus is a work in progress, and we need to trust Him
to do the changing while we do the trusting. The Bible encourages us to let our roots
grow down deep in the soil of God’s love and embrace this promise.

Faithful to complete it.

I am certain that God, who began the good work
within you, will continue His work until it is finally
finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.
Philippians 1:6 NLT









See God in Everything


Fall colors

See God in everything whether great or small.
Trust His Sovereign will to all who will call.
Trust Him to guide and keep never let you fall.
See God in everything whether great or small.

See God in everything…morning, noon, and night.
Trust His hand to lead from darkness into Light.
Remember He has promised never to leave or fail.
See God in everything, His promises prevail.

See God in everything when human reason speaks.
Trust His Holy Word to guard your heart and keep.
Peace that passes understanding, joy to fill your heart.
See God in everything and He will not depart.

See God in everything when pressures mount within.
Trust Him to guide and keep your heart from sin.
Cry out when you’re weary…He sees and hears your call.
See God in everything whether great or small.

See God in everything through the fog and din.
Trust the song He sings will give you joy again.
Run the race before you empowered by His Grace.
See God in everything and give Him all your praise.

I focus on this one thing; forgetting the past and looking
forward to what lies ahead, I press on to
reach the end of the race (Philippians 3:10-11 NLT).


He Gives A Song


 I’d rather be
in the valley of trials
with Jesus,
than on the mountaintop
without Him.

He gives a song,
even when I can’t sing it.
He’s there,
watching, caring, singing
over me.

And I’m held by strong chords of God’s love.

Reflections from Zephaniah 3: 16-18




Fully Expectant

I laid it down.

Conflict of heart

and soul…

Dropped it into

reaching hands

of Abba Father…

The One

who sees

and knows all. 

I left it there.

Entrusted and

gave it

to the One

in full control.

Then entered

soul rest…

Breath of fresh

Wind and Spirit.

This day

I stand at

my watch post…

Fully expectant

the long delayed

answer will come. 

Then I will write

down the vision 

and run with it. 

Reflections from: Proverbs 3: 5-6; Habakkuk 2: 1-3