Joy in the Morning

Dear Friend,
This poem came to me years ago, while I was at the seashore for a personal retreat in Ocean City, New Jersey.
I got dressed early one morning and walked the short distance to the boardwalk, arriving just as the sun was rising over the ocean. Moments later I sat down on a large rock near water’s edge; my eyes feasting on the never-ending waves crashing against the rocks along the shoreline.

The scene before my awestruck eyes was a picture of God’s never-ending love crashing through the walls of my barren heart. It wasn’t long before the words of this poem filled the pages of my journal, echoing the new found joy I had long awaited. 

Joy in the morning,
How I welcome Your Presence.
Jesus . . . Sweet Rose of Sharon,
Joy of my life.

Joy at noontime,
Your presence always welcomed,
Giving strength from above.
Jesus . . . You are my Joy! 

Joy in the evening,
Your presence lingers still,
While  I wait in silence,
You whisper . . . “Peace be still. “

Joy at nighttime,
Sweet communion with the Lord.
Darkness and light are alike to you.
Jesus . . . Joy of my nights! 

Joy of my Beloved . . . your love is endless, filling the earth as the waters cover the sea. 
It just keeps coming, coming towards me.  This Joy . . . filling, and  infusing new life,
boundless and free. 

Weeping may endure for the night, 
but Joy comes in the morning. 
Psalm 30:5 

3 thoughts on “Joy in the Morning

  1. Yes, Joy is ever present with Christians. Thanks for posting this, it is something I’ll need to keep remembering.


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