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My Soul Takes Wing

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Glenda Mills

 And he said to them, “Come, we shall go to the country alone and rest a little.” Mark 6:31

Sometimes I long for a walk on a little country
road next to nowhere. A place where I can
breathe the fresh air and embrace the beauty
of God’s creation around me. A place so quiet
I can hear the promptings of God’s spirit over
the thoughts and intents of my heart.

I’m grateful for the many times I’ve been there,

yet I’ve discovered I can still take that walk every  day, but it starts not on a country road but
right here in the privacy of my home. In my quiet place, where I sit in my comfortable chair
with an open Bible and a pen.

It’s called walking through the Bible. It starts with praise, followed by a prayer that God will
take my heart, renew and restore it as I meditate on the greatest love letter ever written. All
along the way, I can stop and tell the Lord what’s on my mind. And He responds with a sure
word of encouragement, instruction or counsel…

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One thought on “My Soul Takes Wing

  1. Beautiful Glenda. You continue to be “One of Jesus Mary’s”‼️ “Blessed is She”! Love You


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