Happy Birthday Davy

Happy Birthday Davy!

Glenda Mills

When I’m down and feeling blue,

I’ll take a memory of you…
and let it dance inside my mind,
to lift and lighten sadness there,
with memories and love so rare
(written by my sister Cathy Chandler)

It is never easy to lose someone you love.
The pain of separation that death brings is real. Sometimes tears fall when you least expect it.  A picture.  A memory.  An emptiness left that no one else can fill. Yet the hope of seeing our loved ones again, fills our hearts with gratitude for the gift they were to each of us while they were here on earth.

How true this is of our brother. Davy was born with a severely deformed heart
and not expected to live past 6 months old. But God had a different plan. By his grace, Davy survived 4 open heart surgeries and lived to be forty-five…

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One thought on “Happy Birthday Davy

  1. Thank you Glenda for this ‘Sweet Reminder’ of our Dear Davy! He has marked our hearts with such precious memories ‼️❤️❤️


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