Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

Miracle of Spring Time


I couldn’t wait to take a peak. I pushed
back the mulch and sure enough, there
they were. Daffodil bulbs I planted in the
fall had forced through winter’s frozen
ground. Once again I was seeing evidence
of the miracle of Spring time.

To me the passing of winter reveals this truth we often forget or take for granted.
Life follows death. The earth has gone to sleep in late fall, followed by winter.
Soft grounds harden and all vegetation dies.

I can’t help but think of the parallel in our lives. Winter seasons of our lives, threaten our faith and endurance. We wonder, will the joy of springtime ever come again? Will we be able to rise up and leave winters past behind us?

There is One who promises that we can endure. We can pass that test. We can rise up again and experience new beginnings that God promises for those who love Him.


We have a hope that is anchored and secured in our soul through all seasons of our lives. But sometimes hope lies dormant in the soil of our heart. We must wait for hope to spring anew.

For those who believe, our hope lies in the God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ, and in His Promised Presence. He has promised He will never leave….never forsake us.

When sickness, death and loss shake our world; when doubts and fears raise their ugly heads; when the battlefield of our heart tempts us to question when we should trust….We need to remember the Lord is near.  He doesn’t leave us alone to fight our battles. He gets down in the trenches of our troubled hearts and minds, and when we can no longer fight  for ourselves. He fights for us. Gives strength to climb out of the pit and teaches us to embrace rekindled hope and the new beginnings God promises.

What a Hope! What a Savior! What a Creator!

The same God who planted seeds of new growth in the beginning, (Genesis 1) can also plant new seeds of hope in hearts that make room for Jesus.

What new seeds do you need to plant in the garden of your heart today?

Winter is past, and the rains are over and gone.
flowers are springing up,
and the season of singing birds has come.
Song of Songs sv. 2:11,12 NLT

Thank you Heavenly Father for the miracle and beauty of springtime. We pray that you will rekindle the eternal hope you placed in our hearts when we were born of Your Spirit. Let the seeds of faith planted in our hearts, burst forth once again with songs of praise.

8 thoughts on “Miracle of Spring Time

  1. Thank you for the sweet reminder of spring – almost here! Although I’m scraping ice before I leave for work today . . . it helps to see this beautiful “picture you wrote” — good one, Glenda!


  2. You know me Verna. I’m originally a flat-lander from Alabama. I always try and rush spring time, but usually to no avail…but looks like we might have an early spring anyway..even with the ice you’re having. Won’t last long, cause spring is just around the corner.


  3. Glenda, I just love that last paragraph about the heart. What a good reminder; our heart condition is critical. And, I love your photos/pictures; what a lovely accent to a lovely writing! Thank you! XO


  4. Amen! I love spring too, and you’ve put the emphasis right where it belongs.

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  5. “What a Hope! What a Savior! What a Creator!” Amen, amen, and amen! Happy Spring Glenda ❤


  6. Cindy, Sometimes words aren’t enough to express our adoration of the One we love. So grateful for the hope within us and the love for the family of the Body of Christ. Now how can you love someone you’ve never seen….because of the anchor of hope He placed within us. And the love we have for sisters like you we’ve yet to meet. Happy Spring back to you and may you have a blessed celebration of Easter.


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