I’m reblogging this post from 4 years ago. Every now and then I revisit this place. It’s a good reminder…His Grace is always sufficient in my human weakness. His dynamite power shows up best when I acknowledge my weakness and believe He is able to do what I can never do for myself.

Glenda Mills

They say an eagle returns to its nest when wounded. In this safe place of rest, it lies on its back with open wings and faces the sun. When healing comes, the mighty eagle rises up with outstretched wings…free once again to soar towards the heavens.

I once had the privilege of owning and operating a beauty shop in my home. My clients often became good friends. We were sisters in community…wanting change on the outside—needing to be valued and loved on the inside.

After seven wonderful and fulfilling years, all came to a halt. My doctor said I had Epstein Bar Disease, better known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had to close my business in order to get well.

My home became the sacred nest I needed during this interrupted season of my life. At the same time, I missed friends and acquaintances. Within weeks, I lost all sense of…

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