Posted by: Glenda Mills | February 12, 2016

Dove of His Presence

Dove of His presence,

You have graced and embraced me…
Poured the balm of Gilead
on open wounds…
Taken the sweetness
of the 
cross of Jesus…
and dipped me 
in living waters
of sweet contentment and joy. 

No circumstance…
no matter how hard
or bitter…
need stop the 
sweetness of God’s presence
in our lives. 
We only need to bow
and release
the tangled strings
of our heart to Jesus. 

Then we listen for the song He puts right there….
Right there in the center of our being. 


  1. Wow! How beautiful, just wants me to sit still and hear His song.


    • Yeh, I love it when He brings us to that place. Lvu


  2. How Beautiful and Oh So True!!!


  3. This is a beautiful blessing to me after a night in the ER with Jeff and a long day at work . . . the dove of His precious presence. Always comforting, Glenda . . .


    • Your life is a testimony of His presence, dear friend. I pray Jeff didn’t have to stay in the hospital and is feeling better. Hugs and prayers for you both. Love you.


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