Oh My Dove


The Bride of Christ is God’s Dove—
Sheltered in the Safety of the Cleft of the Rock.

He sings over her,
Invites her to look up
and sing along—
Then picks up
a sweet tune,
putting a smile on her face
and joy in her heart.

It may be a secret place,
yet it’s known to Him.
It may be a steep place—
but directed by Him.
It may be a deep valley,
but He promised
never to leave your side.

Sometimes our Lord
calls us from
clamorous voices that
vie for our attention—
Only then do
we learn to
listen to His voice alone.

9 thoughts on “Oh My Dove

  1. Absolutely beautiful (and timely) thank you for this encouraging writing, Glenda . . . and love the photo! It took me back to another piece that you wrote about the Secret Place (psalm 91) – so needed today(s). Love you!


  2. Oh Hi Verna,
    Didn’t expect to see you so soon. Just got post up. Thanks for your encouragment. I think we both visit that secret place often, don’t you? Seems like I have to go there before I can be in a public place. Love and prayers dear friend.


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