Digging for Truth

compliments http://udhao.net/CBB Christian, do you know how rich you are?

Child of God, have you discovered the mystery hidden down through the ages?

Church of God, are you walking in the Light and Love of Jesus?

One day those who hold this blessed hope will see the glorious unfolding of His plans!

In the meantime, read the Book of Ephesians and be blessed as you search for the unfathomable riches in Christ Jesus.

Oh be blessed Believer. God is still on His Throne. Nothing takes Him by surprise.

Click below and hear Stephen Curtis Chapman sing: The Glorious Unfolding.

4 thoughts on “Digging for Truth

  1. Amen – so glad He never changes. We are rich indeed!!! Love and blessings to you Glenda! (P.S. Unfolding is one of the key words God gave me for this year. Such a great word and so exciting to watch … most of the time, lol!)


  2. It is a great word! Love it when He surprises us with His unfolding will. Sometimes it’s more daunting and faith stretching than others. 😍So glad He sees the full picture all the time. Hugs and blessings to you Cindy!


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