Launch Out

Something happened in my life this week that stirred up memories of the poem and blog I wrote years ago….And now I’m feeling led to share it with you–praying you may be encouraged to let go and trust God to chart your troubled waters. It’s the safest place to be in our ever-changing world, my friend.

Glenda Mills

I saw a small rowboat tied to a dock with a hand holding a large pair of scissors—waiting for permission to cut the rope. Beyond the shore was an ocean liner well out to sea. Once the rope was cut, the boat would be free to launch into the waters.

I’ve never been one to jump too quickly into unchartered waters, unless I receive a personal invitation from God. So when the call came for me to accompany my husband overseas for an extended period of time—I hesitated. I wrestled. I worried.

The truth is, like the boat tied to the dock, I needed someone to cut the rope; so that I would be set free to let go of the familiar… and trust God for the unknown.

God knew about my struggle—and spoke to me through this poem. The words flowed onto paper and took root within my heart—and I was released…

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