Posted by: Glenda Mills | May 30, 2015

Love’s Sweet Song


I’d rather walk
in the valley with Jesus,
than on the mountain-top
without Him.

He gives a song
both day and night,
knitting our hearts together
with chords of His sweet love.

I’d rather walk
through valley’s long trial
with Jesus,
than high on a mountain
without Him.
Good Shepherd lead
from shadow to light,
singing Your Love’s sweet song.

 Reflections from Psalm 77:6; Zephaniah 3:16,17


  1. Beautiful, Glenda . . . yes, I’d rather walk through the valley with our Shepherd than high on a mountain without His Zephaniah song 🙂


  2. Hey! Somehow I got my comment to go through this time – they must’ve activated my Gravatar acct again!



  3. Amen! Yes, I would rather be anywhere with Jesus.


  4. Amen, Glenda! So true and powerful – I have often said I would rather remain in the wilderness WITH Him, than enter the promised land without Him. Beautiful thoughts! xoxo


    • I think we just need to be with Him at all times and all places, don’t you Cindy? His presence makes all the difference!

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  5. Glenda,
    it is so comforting to KNOW that HE is the shepherd of my soul…….ALWAYS….whether in the valley, or
    on the mountain top.


    • And always, always by our side. Oh what a Savior and Shepherd. So glad you’re one of His sheep in the fold. But for Him we would have never met!
      Love you dear friend!


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