Love’s Sweet Song


I’d rather walk

in the valley with Jesus

than on the mountain-top

without Him.

He gives a song

through long days and nights.

He sings loudly—

knitting hearts together

with sweet chords of love.

 I’d rather walk

through valley’s long trial

with the Shepherd—

than high on a mountain

without His sweet song.

Sing over me

Shepherd of my soul.

Help me go forth—

Heart and hands lifted up,

Singing Love’s sweet song.

 Reflections from Psalm 77:6; Zephaniah 3:16,17

10 thoughts on “Love’s Sweet Song

  1. Amen, Glenda! So true and powerful – I have often said I would rather remain in the wilderness WITH Him, than enter the promised land without Him. Beautiful thoughts! xoxo


  2. Glenda,
    it is so comforting to KNOW that HE is the shepherd of my soul…….ALWAYS….whether in the valley, or
    on the mountain top.


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