Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

You’re Not Alone



Lay to rest ghosts’ lying shadows,

Put them away where they belong.

Embrace Truth of timeless ages,

God is Love and on His Throne.


Lay to rest life’s dis-appointments,

Put them away where they belong.

Embrace Love’s Divine appointments,

Walk with Me, you’re not alone.

11 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone

  1. Thank you, Glenda..we must always close the gate behind us and move on, mustn’t we.. for ” His mercies are new each morning”. Lvu


  2. Glenda,
    Those are beautiful truths to carry with me, not only today, but for a lifetime. May I never forget….


  3. I agree, beautiful.

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  4. AMEN!!! SISTER!!!! LOVE YOU…..


  5. So grateful for this beautiful reminder, Glenda. . . . haven’t had much chance to look in on emails, but glad I found this one.

    Scott was in the hospital this week, also . Right now getting ready to trudge through 7 inches of snow to get to the dialysis center. Jeff is getting stronger and continues with the exercises a few times a week on his “off” days at home . . . with the physical therapist.

    Hope we can catch up soon 😦



  6. Verna, your walk with the Lord is a testimony that you’re never alone! Grateful or the good reports about Jeff and Scott.


  7. Beautiful. We need these gentle reminders in our lives every day. what seems minute to others can actually take us out. Encouraging words like this can put us back on track with the right attitude. Blessings.


  8. You are right Emma, the Lord knows what’s minute to some can be monumental to others, threatening to take us out. Thankfully there is One who knows when to come alongside us with Words of encouragement to keep us walking the walk He set before us. I’m grateful when His words to my heart resonate in the hearts of others. Thanks for lifting mine!


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