Posted by: Glenda Mills | January 7, 2015

Just Beyond the Veil


Be encouraged dear pilgrim.
Our loved ones are
just beyond the veil,

surrounded by the cloud
of witnesses

who have gone before us.
They’re singing
the Song of our Redeemer,
and they’re waiting to welcome us home. 

And they heard a loud voice from heaven saying,
‘Come up here’. Then they went up to heaven
in a cloud and their enemies watched them. Rev. 11:12 


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Glenda. Heaven gets sweeter every day!


    • I agree Vonda and for me a little closer! Thanks for stopping by sweet friend.


  2. Great hope in your words, Glenda! Thank you..


    • And what would we do without the hope of heaven? Jesus made it clear there’s a place prepared for those who know and love Him. Hugs, dear friend!


  3. Fantastic!


    • One day we too will bloom there! What a rich inheritance awaits us.


  4. Beautiful, Glenda. Such sweet comfort in that knowledge. Blessings!


    • Cindy, knowing we have a place prepared for us reminds us we are on God’s pathway to heaven and He will lead us through. Thanks for stopping by!


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