For Unto Us a Child is Born…

This is a reblog of my son David and his wife Michele’s adoption story. We are so grateful for Sara Grace. She has captured our hearts.

beauty from ashes

Wow. Christmas Eve 2014. Hard to believe, but almost an entire year has passed since we came home with Sara in late January. Without a doubt, this has been the quickest year we’ve ever experienced as a family, and yet one that’s been very rich, rewarding and full of new memories.

Tomorrow morning our family is super excited to see Sara open her first Christmas presents and experience all the joys and traditions of this most special day of the year. Our camera is ready to capture her and her brother and sister tear into their presents; Michele is hard at work making her cherished Mills Cinnamon Buns, and we can’t wait to spend time with extended family and feast on delicious holiday favorites – Gluten Free or not 😉

But we also can’t help but feel overwhelmed, once again, at how God reminds us at this time of year of how much He loves us. That…

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