Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

Strong Support


IMG_0050.jpgeyesoflordHigh King of heaven my victory won,

May I reach heaven’s joy’s O bright heaven’s Sun!

Heart of my own heart whatever befall,

still be my vision O ruler of all.

Eleanor Hull-Public Domain

5 thoughts on “Strong Support

  1. Always singing…:)
    Lord, give us singing hearts to always lift praises to you!!
    Thank you, Glenda…you make my soul rejoice!


  2. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks.


  3. Beautiful photo, Glenda! And I love comparing that verse about God searching to and fro for those who love Him with the verse that the evil one searches to and fro for those he can devour. Why would anyone choose to be found by the devouring one when they can be found by the One Who loves?


    • Thank you Vonda for comparing those verses. You are right, it’s quite a contrast…eyes of the enemy who seeks to devour and the loving eyes of God who seek to find us…and love and support us. Such amazing grace. Thanks so much for sharing.


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