Nailed to the Cross

I will remember my song in the night—Psalm 77:6


I don’t claim to have visions, but I’m a
visual learner. Maybe that’s why the Lord
put some very descriptive pictures and
thoughts in my mind in the wee hours of
the morning many years ago.

It wasn’t a dream. I was fully awake and
aware of two scenes that unfolded in my
mind’s eye. 

I found myself in the first scene, among a large crowd where Jesus stood
before Pilate. I heard the mob shouting. “Crucify him! Crucify him! Give us
Barabbas and crucify Jesus!

Feelings of guilt and shame flooded my heart and I cried out, Lord that could
have been me.

The moment quickly passed as a strong impression interrupted my horrified
thoughts. Your guilt and shame were nailed to the cross.”

Tears of release flooded my aching heart as I remembered the love poured out
on Calvary’s cross for sinners. Just. Like. Me.

Another scene followed. A woman caught in adultery lay on the ground, fear-
ful of the religious crowd about to stone her. I felt her shame as though it was
my own and I cried out, “Lord, that could have been me.” 

Once again I heard the words“Your guilt and shame were nailed to the cross.”

Then something like a symphony of beautiful music began flooding my heart
and mind, healing my soul with a new found joy that’s hard to explain.

The following Sunday morning I was amazed when I heard the same words
spoken from the pulpit. In the midst of his sermon, Pastor John did an about
face, pretended to hammer a nail into the wall, and shared the same message
that had now taken root in my heart.

“Your guilt and shame were nailed to the cross.”

How could he have known what had been repeatedly etched on my heart and
mind? I believe there’s no other explanation than to believe God’s Holy Spirit
placed the message on my Pastor’s heart.

If you struggle with feelings of guilt or shame over something from your past,
dare to embrace Jesus and believe this good news.

“He canceled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing it
to the cross” (Colossians 2:14).

Prayer: Father in heaven, how can we ever thank you enough for nailing our sins
to the Cross of Calvary? I pray for the one who struggles to be free from feelings
of guilt and shame. May we all continue to find sweet release and forgiveness at
the foot of the cross. In the Savior’s name we pray. Amen.


8 thoughts on “Nailed to the Cross

  1. Beautiful, Glenda! Always such power and joy in the truth! We must always be in the Word of God, so that we will remember the truth of God and believe it, rather than the lies of the enemy!
    What powerful dreams!


    • Vonda, do you remember me sharing this at CCC 2013? I will never forget that time! Thanks again for helping so many of us break through our inhibitions and share our victory in Jesus. Hugs and blessings to you!


  2. I’m a visual learner too, Glenda. I think it’s helpful to envision Bible events — it makes them more real to me. And I’m with Vonda — the imagery of my sin nailed to the cross — I’m so grateful!


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