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Sweeter Than Honey


IMG_1357.jpg- Honey comb

Last week I picked up a small cake of honeycomb from one of our favorite places in WV.

IMG_0606True to the warm invitation of this little country diner, “Company’s Coming”, sells these little jewels of honeycomb from local bee keepers. Oh my, it’s the sweetest, lightest, most lucious thing you ever put into your mouth. It’s bound to satisfy a sweet tooth’s craving.

I agree with the psalmist when he wrote God’s Words are sweeter than honey straight from the comb. Honestly, there is nothing more satisfying than the precious God-breathed words I find in my bible and I would rather choose them than all the gold in the world!

Have you tasted the sweetness of the Lord’s Word? If not, why not try it. You have nothing
to lose and everything to gain.

This post is actually a sneak preview of what I’d like to do starting this Friday. I hope to post some of my favorite selections from God’s Word, calling them Friday’s Fav’s. I hope you will join me as we taste and see the goodness of the Lord and His Word together!

Feel free to jump right in and share anything that comes to mind. It will be a blessing and encouragement for all of us.

Friday blessings to you!

5 thoughts on “Sweeter Than Honey

  1. Wow, this is really sweet!!!


  2. How enticing! Love the idea and fresh honey with the comb!
    Absolutely perfect for this season of life; standing on the preciousness of God’s Word.
    I believe this was “Heaven Sent”……


  3. Love it. Looking forward to some sweet manna each Friday 🙂


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