Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

Hope for the Heart



I remembered my songs in the night.

Ps. 77:6 NIV

If you want to know God, you must be willing to have your heart broken as His has been.”

Knowing those words were intended for me, I left the building that morning sobered but hopeful. Yes, I wanted to know the Lord—but how costly would it be and what good could come from a broken heart?

There was something about an attitude, even a change in our teenage son’s countenance later that day that gripped my heart. For the rest of the day I wept what seemed like a bucket of tears. My husband couldn’t understand the weeping, nor could I; yet somehow I knew the tears had something to do with the challenging statement I heard that morning.

The following day, I drove to the Christian Bookstore. Desperate for answers I walked into the store not knowing what I was looking for until my eyes fell on this book.

*“Lord I want to know you”!

Was this God’s answer to my silent assent of wanting to know God better?

In awe, I grabbed the book and rushed home to read the book about the Hebrew names of God. Over the next couple of weeks I read, marked and earmarked the book; checking the biblical references for the meaning of each name and the stories of God’s people down through the ages. I read like a hungry beggar grateful to find hope for my hurting heart and I knew I would be able to get through this trial of faith, whatever the outcome.

My journey seemed long and hard, yet I was aware of a Presence within that never left. With the Lord’s help, I learned to apply the truths and promises of His Words and it was in the valley of weeping that hope for my heart took root.

It was in the valley of weeping that I began to know and experience the presence of the Lord in ways I probably would never have experienced but for this trial of faith.

It was in the valley of weeping I began to hear God singing the Song of the Lord over my heart.

Finally it was in the valley of weeping
I learned to pray with unconditional love for my beloved prodigal.

Now years later I look back at the young mother whose heart was broken into what seemed like a thousand pieces whose joy has been restored a thousand times over! I look at the present restored son who is walking with the Lord along with his wife and children…and stand amazed in the good that came through a broken heart.

As I write, I am aware there are many whose story did not end the way you had hoped. Your heart may be broken over losses that may seem unbearable as you face long days and nights that seem unending. May the God of hope and comfort bring you to a place of joy again. He promised its possible. “Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.” (Luke 6:21b) 

Has your heart been broken over the things that break God’s heart? Did it lead you to search for the God who can be found at the feet of Jesus?

Prayer: Dear Lord, I pray for those who need hope and encouragement today. May they find You waiting to comfort and hold close to your heart. 

If you seek me, you will find me when you search
with all your heart—
Jeremiah 29:13

Put my tears in your bottle. Are they not all in your book?
Psalm 56:8

*Lord I want to know you by Kay Arthur can be ordered at
Photo-Valley Falls, WV by Glenda Mills

8 thoughts on “Hope for the Heart

  1. This is one of the most precious posts ever. Thank you so much for putting it up.


  2. Glenda, what a beautiful testimony and expression of God’s grace as He brings us closer to Him… You reminded me of several similar situations in my own walk with the Lord..,💕


  3. This reminds me of God’s “ever – faithfulness” to us and it is great encouragement as I wait for my prodigal to come home. Thank you, friend…


  4. Glenda, I remember when I was a young mother finding a book in our Omaha church called “Let my heart be broken as Yours is”. I don’t remember the author. It was a very old book but a new thought to me as I wanted to be able to see people the way God did. Why did He love me and how He could see the need in others. I wanted to see others too so I could have a heart for them, whether here or far away. Thank you for the honest perspective you have. As a mother our children don’t always go the way we want, but God is so good and can see how the walk for us and them will praise Him. Love you sweet “sister”.


    • That sounds like a great book, Kay. Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord knows our hearts and how to get our attention. He does want us to see things from His perspective. Thanks be to God for the way He gives eyes to see and ears to hear. Love and hugs to you Kay.


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