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My Soul Takes Wing


whereever aug

 And he said to them, “Come, we shall go to the country alone and rest a little.” Mark 6:31-Aramaic Bible in Plain English

Sometimes we need to find a quiet place to hear God whisper our name.

I’ve been there…for months.

With the backdrop of a little peak of heaven from my back yard, I am coming out of a season of desert dwelling. Feeling refreshed and renewed I am leaning harder on my Beloved, grateful to take up my pen and share some of my journal enteries over the
past year. It is my heart’s cry and desire that I write for Jesus.

In the words of my dear friend Joyce Coffin…“To God be the glory, as our lives tell his story”.

My Soul Takes Wing

I walked with God today
Listened to his voice so sweet
Laid my burdens at his feet.

Now trusting him with every-thing
My soul takes wing and
Soars and sings.

6 thoughts on “My Soul Takes Wing

  1. Oh, Glenda, this is some very timely and good. Thanks for posting it.


  2. Beautiful! Glad you are “taking up your pen” 🙂


  3. Thank you for writing again. I have been dwelling under the wing of the Almighty and resting in the covering of His secret place as He shelters me. Jehovah God is so great.


    • Kay, Thanks for your encouragement. I am grateful to be entering a new season in so many ways and the Lord is giving me lots to write about. It’s interesting how he uses the very things that can sometimes break our hearts, turn them around, and give us joy once again. So glad you are resting under His wings. Its the safest place to be…always. Love you dear friend!


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