Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

He’s Still God



Photos from Israel –

He still speaks… to hearts flung open wide, brought near like a child.

Am I listening?

He still reveals…shines light through lens of searching eyes.

Am I seeing?

He’s still longing…waiting from a distance, longing to forgive and
heal effects of rejection and brokenness.

Am I receiving?

He’s still loving…waiting for me to drop arms of hurt and self-defense.

Am I surrendering?

He’s still listening…for questions yet to be asked and answered.

Am I asking?

He still speaks.




And listens.

He’s still God and I am not.

This day I come as a child drawing near through
the blood of the Lamb,

acknowledging His holiness and my unworthiness.

Grateful He gives the right to call Him Father.

Grateful He’s still Savior and Lord,
after all these years
 and all these *tears,
bottled up, measured, written down in His book.

Grateful He still reveals light and love when I lift
the eyes of my heart,
repent and return.

For God so *loved…He gave…His Son…
*the exact representation
 of all the Father is and does.

He never left us…we left Him.

He didn’t abandon us…we abandoned Him.

He didn’t lie…the tempter did…and does.

He still breathes new life, peace and rest, to worn and weary pilgrims.

He still promises weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

He still speaks truth!

What truth do you need to hear to be set free?

Jesus said: “And you will know the truth, and the truth
will set you free” (John 8:32 NLT).

Lent Reflections:
*Psalm 56:8, *John 3:16, *Hebrews 1

4 thoughts on “He’s Still God

  1. Wow, how inspiring! This is truth that we all need every day. Thanks for posting it.


  2. “He still breathes new life, peace and rest, to worn and weary pilgrims.” Amen … and I’m so glad. His mercies are new every single day. Really love this Glenda. Love the picture too — looks like it is near Ein Gedi, yes? So cool! Hugs to you 🙂


    • Thanks Cindy. Yep, it’s near Ein Gedi! So glad to share with someone who’s been there. I pray the Lord is renewing and refreshing you body, soul, and spirit.
      Hugs back to you (:


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