The Icing on the Homecoming Cake

beauty from ashes

A few short months ago our lives were turned upside down when we were matched with a beautiful little girl from the Hunan province in China, whom we named Sara Jie-Grace. In late November, as we were rushing towards getting our final approval to travel, we found out that our daughter Hanna was selected to participate in an Honors Band concert that would take place on February 1st, something we desperately did not want to miss. We already knew that our immigration paperwork was set to expire on Feb. 14th, which would delay our trip by almost 2 months, so our travel window had suddenly gotten very small. As worried as we were about how the timing of everything was going to come together, I also remember having a mental image of Michele and I standing in the back of an auditorium, holding Sara as we listened to the concert that…

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