Posted by: Glenda Mills | February 2, 2014

He Gives Songs in the Night

rose feb 3 100_2837.jpg
Even in the dead of Winter
When broken hearts fill with grief,
Even in darkest valley,
New songs are oft released.

Even in darkest night-time,
When eyes are bereft of light…
The One who sees and knows all
Still gives songs in the night.


  1. Beautiful and comforting words of truth, Glenda. Praying for your sister. xo


    • Cindy, God is so gracious during times of loss. Thanks for your prayers for Cathy.


  2. Beautiful and encouraging; thank you…


    • Sandy, I always appreciate you taking time to write a note.
      Love you!


  3. Beautiful thoughts, Glenda. What a terrible loss. Life is so, so hard for so many.


    • Yes, so hard for so many. So grateful God’s arms of grace and comfort are reaching to many who cry out to Him. He is the Comforter who wipes our tears.
      Thanks for stopping by Melody. What a name you have been gifted with. Do you sing?


      • I do! I love to lead worship, and write worship songs as well. My name was a gift, indeed….


      • Amen!


  4. I have a sister, Glenda S. Mills.  An artist, alas, not a poet.  That lot fell to me.  I am pleased to read your words AND messages. Keep up the good work!

    Sally Anne Mills


    • Thanks Sally! Do you blog your poetry? Would loveto read it, if so.


  5. That’s beautiful, Glenda. Praying for Cathy.


    • Thank you Kim. Prayer is such a gift! Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Wow, this is great. Thanks for putting it up, especially for Cathy.


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