Homeward Bound

Praises going up from a grateful grandmother, as the Lord gets all the credit for this adoption story.

beauty from ashes

As I start this post, I’m sitting in our hotel bedroom trying to wake up Sara from her last nap in her homeland of China, in the middle of a lazy Wednesday afternoon. Out our 14th story window is another sunny, if somewhat smoggy, view of the beautiful city of Guangzhou. We’ve really enjoyed the slower pace of the last few days here, the extravagant comforts of this excellent hotel, and the many delicious restaurants available in the nearby neighborhoods. But let there be no doubt… We are ready for HOME!

Yesterday we had an early morning drive over to the US Consulate for our 8:30 appointment with about 10 other adoptive families. As our guide, John, lead us through a massive crowd of at least 1,000 people trying to gain entry into the Consulate, I had never been more thankful to be an American citizen. We were directed to…

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