The New Normal

Wow! Just have to share this continuing journey to and with Sara with friends and family this morning. God has replaced tears of sorrow with tears of Joy. So many of you have tracked with and prayed throughout this amazing journey from Beauty to Ashes. Thank you for your continuing prayers as they continue to celebrate the “new normal”.

beauty from ashes

Sunday night in Guangzhou felt very surreal. We found ourselves eating together with two other adoptive families at a restaurant called “Lucy’s” on Shamian Island, with Cool and the Gang’s “Cherish the Night” playing in the background. We sat outside next to the riverfront on a calm, quiet evening, swapping tales of our adoption journeys, the struggles and the successes. Alex and Megan from Iowa adopted 15 month old Chloe, while Alex (yes, that made it much easier for me to remember their names) and Kristi from North Carolina had adopted 18 month old Lexie. We call Alex and Kristi our “Great Wall Friends” as we met them near the top of our climb up the Great Wall of China in Beijing.

We took pictures of our 3 adorable daughters in front of the famous “Lingering Music” statue that speaks of the history of adoption on the island. The Moms…

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2 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. This is so awesome Glenda. Love, love, love the pictures! I bet you can’t wait to see the “live” version 🙂 Praying for them as they begin the journey home in a day or two. Thanks so much for keeping all of us posted and letting us share in their story! Big hugs to you!


    • Thank you Cindy for sharing our joy and remembering Dave, Michele, and Hanna in prayer. This IS certainly an awesome time for Sara and our family….all orchastrated by our Awesome God.
      Hugs, prayers, and blessings to you.


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