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Peace Borne Out of Conflict (by Glenda Mills)

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Deeper Waters

This poem was written by Glenda Mills (bio below), a friend from the blogging world. I love the depth of Glenda’s words and her relationship with Jesus. This poem particularly ministered to me as I contemplate the difference between being a peacekeeper and a true peacemaker.

Peace Borne Out of Conflict

There’s a peace borne out of conflict

Not of sweet repose

The peace our Father sends upon the

Child He knows

Breathe upon our hearts

Sweet Holy Peace of God

Release the fragrance of the Rose

Upon the path we trod

In times of stormy conflict

Through restless nights and days

Blow gently upon this rose

The sacrifice of praise

Reflections from Matthew 8: 23-27, Lamentations 3: 22-26

Glenda Mills is a writer and poet who lives in wild and wonderful West Virginia with her husband Dave. She has been involved in women’s ministry, mentoring and teaching…

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