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The Strength of Grace


All about grace

“My grace is enough; it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness. Once I heard that, I was glad to let it happen. I quit focusing on the handicap and began appreciating the gift. It was a case of Christ’s strength moving in on my weakness.”  2 Corinthians 12: 9 The Message

8 thoughts on “The Strength of Grace

  1. The grace of God truly is our strength! Thanks.


  2. Yes, it’s all grace, as I recall my first leader and mentor repeatedly saying…………I wonder who that would be? Oh, it was you!! Thank you, Glenda, for this good reminder that His power is perfected in our weaknesses.


    • Laura, You know I got so inspired doing 1 Peter homework this week, especially the list “you”….What a pletheror of words about the true grace of God that belongs to the family of God. How grateful I am for you, my gracious friend and sister. Thanks for stopping by with your words that always leave me encouraged.


  3. “I quit focusing on the handicap and began appreciating the gift.” Amen, Glenda!


    • Susan,
      Don’t you just love how the message puts this verse from 2 Cor. 12: 9….This eternal truth has been my life verse for over 30 years now.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed walk with the Lord over the weekend!


  4. Hi Glenda!
    This is the very message the Holy Spirit has been hammering down in my heart. Yesterday I read this very passage. Glad to read this and hear it again. A reminder is always good!


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