Posted by: Glenda Mills | June 28, 2013

Loving Kindness Lifts

Loving Kindness lifts and cheers,
radiates life and joy,
and reaches out with mercy’s
sweet fragrance
of God’s Love.
Loving Kindness loves and shines
light toward open hearts,
emitting compassion
and the sweet aroma
of God’s grace.



  1. Thank you Glenda for this beautiful picture and poem. God’s love shines through.


    • I’m thanking Him for the inspiration and you for encouragment.


  2. Ahhh look at you, Glenda! Love the image, love the verse. Great job!


    • Susan,
      I have to thank the Lord the creative juices are flowing. Thanks for your encourage and support.


  3. Love your flowers and lovely words, Glenda!! Your lilies are huge!!


    • Thanks Mary, I’m having a good time updating my site. Yes my lilies grow well here.


  4. Love the new look . . . and the age old truths! Thank you, Glenda for this inspiring piece! Love the photos, beautiful!


    • Thanks Verna. Have spent lots of time trying to get it right. Having fun with the new google app. it’s called Picasa- easy to use.
      All set for your talk about sheep tomorrow? Praying for you!


  5. oh how beautiful!! and that just so happens to be my favorite color!!


    • Yes, I have noted that! You have such a beautiful flower purple on our blog. What’s it called? Thanks for stopping!


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