Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint




There’s a peace borne out of conflict

Not of sweet repose

The peace our Father sends upon the

Child He knows

Breathe upon our hearts

Sweet Holy Peace of God

Release the fragrance of the Rose

Upon the path we trod

In times of stormy conflict

Through restless nights and days

Blow gently upon this rose

The sacrifice of praise

Reflections from Matthew 8: 23-27, Lamentations 3: 22-26

9 thoughts on “Peace

  1. The sweet peace of Jesus — it just doesn’t get any better than that!


  2. I love the poems that The Lord gives you.


  3. Beautiful, as always, Glenda! Thank you for sharing the peace that truly does pass all understanding!


  4. . . . blow gently upon this rose the sweet sacrifice of praise . . . beautiful, Glenda. What a gift.


    • The poem probably sounds familiar, as I’ve used it before, but just felt led to put a different rose with post. I think the Holy Spirit whispered that into my waiting ears sometime back. It’s all a gift, isn’t it Verna? I read your posts and I think, now why can’t I write like that? Then I am sorely convicted ….the gifts come as the Spirit gives and wills. Different gifts, same spirit. So glad there are no two of us who write the same.
      Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you in a week or so!


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