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IMG_5089“Grandpa, do you know what a horizon is?”

Our grandson Joel was only two years old when he astonished his proud grandparents with his curious question.

We, meaning grandpa and grandma, tried our best to explain what we thought the word meant. Joel however, didn’t seem too impressed with our puny definitions.

Now some sixteen years later, I believe Joel is defining horizon to us as he realizes his dream.

The dictionary defines the word horizon as skyline, viewpoint, panorama, vista, landscape.

As a teen, Joel’s dream was to become a pilot. Sure enough, at just the right time, a door opened not far from home with CAP—Civil Air Patrol, where he got a taste of what it’s like to be a pilot. Following his years of training with CAP, Joel worked hard to earn the money needed for further flight instruction.


Joel now has his pilot’s license.

This coming Saturday, Joel will graduate from High School along with many of his fellow homeschoolers. He leaves in August for Moody Aviation Mission School in Spokane, Washington.

Joel, may you soar with God on wings as of an eagle, knowing underneath are His loving arms. May you venture with Him to those places already planned and ordained by Him, knowing He is with you wherever you go.

Thank you Lord, for giving us a bigger picture of the horizon you placed in Joel’s heart. We are grateful for this grandson and the blessing he is to our family. May you use him to touch and bless the lives of many.

DSC_0204 Keep looking up Joel —The best is yet to come!

14 thoughts on “Horizons

  1. Congrats to Joel! It’s a big week for me too, Glenda — my son graduates college today 🙂 May God bless this generation of young men to stand firm for Him!


    • Congrats to your son Susan, upon graduation from college…quite an accomplishment in these days. I say amen to your prayer…for such a time as this, may God bless this generation of young men and women to stand firm for Jesus!


  2. What a great story, Glenda. Congratulations to Joel; we know the Lord has good plans for him!


  3. Oh sweetie, this brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting it.


  4. Love stories like this, when we get to see God at work in us, in others, laying out the groundwork for HIS plans for our lives. Joel – thanks for letting your grandma share your story!


  5. This is awesome, Glenda–you must be so proud of him! Ironically, I worked with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) for about five years (until the headquarters relocated to Nampa, ID in 2006). Moody Aviation is the primary “feeder” school for MAF 🙂 Our connection to Jesus makes it very small world sometimes! Enjoy the graduation this weekend! Blessings~


    • How awesome Cindy to have worked with MAF! I love the way God has his networks all over the world…yes making it smaller indeeed. Thanks for stopping by with your encouraging words.


  6. That’s inspiring. So happy for him!


  7. The story of Joel certainly touches the heart of our family – may God’s blessing go with this dear grandson. Beautiful, Glenda.


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