Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

Treasure of a Godly Mother



Time alone reveals the heart of a mother

Seasons of her life make known

the love and care

only a mother can give

A little pinafore dress made by loving hands

when I was three years old

Easter dresses for five daughters

Hand-made by our Mother who went without

Sunday dinners she worked so hard to prepare

often without a thank you from her children

Yet she did it with joy

She loved to serve her family

Letters and notes of encouragement

When I was far from home

Times spent on her knees praying

when something wasn’t quite right

Daring to believe for a miracle when doctors said

“No chance this baby can live”

A textbook miracle for the son

who lived forty-five years

Caring for Daddy through long years of illness

Always by his side

with hope and a prayer

Everything will be all right

 A heart broken many times by unbelievable losses—

parents, brothers, sisters, husband, son, grandsons

Yet she grew in faith and confident belief

she would see them again

Mother touched many lives over the years

Giving hope and encouragement

to so many

A legacy of a life well lived

Thank you Lord for the treasure of a godly loving mother!

10 thoughts on “Treasure of a Godly Mother

  1. Oh Sweetie, I remember her so well. This describes her to a T. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for sharing this. A godly loving mother is a treasure beyond compare.


  3. I have a wonderful mother just like you. I’ve seen her go through unbelievable sufferings, cry many tears, especially about my disabled brother. She’s prayed many prayers for each one of us. She’s been discouraged so many times, and yet she somehow has always found the strength to keep up the fight. My mummy’s name is Pilar, which means pillar. And that’s what she is. A column upon which the whole of her house stands. She raised three children (I’m the youngest) and neither of us is successful in the worldy sense. But all of us have good values, a Christian mindset, and we have learnt a lot from her example. I praise the Lord for my mum and hope to be a great mum too.


    • Carina,
      What a blessing to hear about your wonderful mom and what a strong name (Pillar) given to her. I take it she is till living? Mine has been gone about 3 years now and I miss her so…but so grateful for the legacy of faith she left her children. Have a Happy Mother’s Day Carina! Thanks for stopping by.
      Heart Hugs


      • Yes, my mum is almost 70 and has some health issues, but I pray the Lord will keep her with us for many years more. Her name reminds me that we can always find strength in the Lord and with that strength we can strengthen others. A mother’s love is so powerful! Happy mother’s day to you all!


      • Carina,
        Your mom and I are the same age. I turn 70 in July…hard to believe, but so grateful for each day the Lord gives.
        Thanks for sharing Carina!


  4. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I’m thankful to still have my mother. We grow closer each day, leaving behind the struggle for dominance, and instead, focusing on making good memories with the time we have left. It will be too short.


    • So glad for the opportunity to grow closer in your relationship with your mom. Time goes so quickly and the memories we make and cherish become something beautiful to hold close to our hearts.
      Hugs dear friend!


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