Posted by: Glenda Mills | March 8, 2013



Awake—move up with Daystar Song.
Winter’s moving, new morn has come,
Spirit invites, move out and on.

Arise—move out with joyful song.
Clouds are gone, sun has come,
Spirit calls, move up, move on.


Arise—move melody and rapturous song.
Light moves near, vision now clear,
Spirit cries, move out, move on.

Arise, Jerusalem! Let your light shine for all to see. For the glory
of  the LORD rises to shine on you—Isaiah 60:1.


  1. Beautiful pictures and inspiration on this snowy morning in Pennsylvania . . . His bright glory chases the gloom, thank you, Glenda (and Carina)!


  2. Beautiful my love. Thanks, and how true!


    • So grateful to share the view with you in this season of our lives. God is so good!


  3. Glenda, I love your poetry. You have a beautiful way to painting a picture through your words. 🙂


    • Thank you sweet friend and encourager. So grateful God gives gifts for us to share with each other.


  4. Looks like our sunrises in VA. Gorgeous, Glenda!


    • Susan,
      We will lived in Luray for six years and you are right…the sunrises are just as gorgeous there. I love Virginia.


  5. Oh, WOW! You make me blush, Glenda!
    See, I just knew the Lord would inspire something beautiful in YOU… And this poem is just awesome!!!!
    Just minutes ago, I posted a new blog entry (my Blogspot site is below) on a similar topic.

    The title 2013: a NEW life.

    I wholeheartedly believe the Lord is challenging us to let go of old patterns of thought and behavior, which are more wordly than heavenly, more human than divine… And EMBRACE our new spiritual nature in Christ.

    We are indeed called to arise… We’ve been asleep for too long. But the day is coming.

    Get oil in your lamps, oh beautiful bride of Christ! NOW is the time. NOW He’s offering it to you. NOW He’s beckoning you to draw near. NOW… For who knows how much time we have left?

    TODAY is the day Jesus wants to SAVE you, CLEANSE you, FILL you, EMPOWER you. TODAY. TODAY. NOW. TODAY, RIGHT NOW He’s blowing on you. RECEIVE OF MY SPIRIT, He’s saying.

    You may feel a bit like Lazarus. Four days on the grave and stinking. Can you see Jesus CRYING for you? Can you hear His almighty voice cry out…



    • Carina,
      This is good stuff, Carina! I was just going to say,this would be a great blog and then I see that you do have a blogspot. Thanks for stopping by with your cheerleading. You are just confirming all God is doing in my life and has been for some time now. To God be the Glory as our lives tell His Story.


  6. Always love your uplifting words with photos!! Just beautiful!!


    • Thanks Mary…I always appreciate you stopping by!
      Hugs to you and Virgil


  7. Love, love, love this and wholeheartedly agree that it is the season to awaken and arise! The Lord has been speaking Isaiah 60:1 to me for awhile now. I even got a necklace the last time I was in Israel with that very verse inscribed in Hebrew. I wear it almost constantly as a reminder that it is a new day and a new season. Arise!


  8. I love it when God’s Word is confirmed ! How blessed you are to be able to visit Israel and bring back that tangible visual of His Word. Thanks for sharing, Cindy.


  9. Lovely photos and words to match. I like the dove and colorful flowers in your header pic, too.


    • Pattis! That’s the dove that sat on my balcony for over an hour one day during Spring and the Lord let me get this picture so I could share with others. God is good. Thanks for stopping by with your words of encouragement.


  10. Oh so beautiful. Love, love, love. Blessings.


    • Thank you Emma. Blessings and love back to you dear sister in Christ.


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