Reblogged: Time is Dressed in Bridal White – Melody’s Musings

From Glenda: Thank you Melody, for allowing me to pass along your beautiful prose and picture.

Last week, I wrote about “Bride-in-Waiting”…then fell ill with the flu. It seemed the enemy of my soul was laughing and making accusations as I felt wimp, weary, and wasting. Time alone and on my knees I have held on to faith when it would have been easier to let go to the enemy’s thoughts and lies. Instead I spent time reading and meditating on the beauty of God’s Word. No wonder I was awestruck by Melody’s inspired writing: “Time is Dressed in Bridal White”.

I hope you’ll take time to visit Melody at her website Melody’s Musings/

Meanwhile, Melody Muses...


Time is dressed in bridal white,

ticking items off her list –

righteousness in sparkling light

with holy raiment wholly kissed.

Not yet grasping married state,

waiting for the Bridal Hall;

ever-changing while she waits

as glories stream to Royal Ball.


The Bride waits, changing from glory to glory, for the day of her final blessing…

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4 thoughts on “Reblogged: Time is Dressed in Bridal White – Melody’s Musings

  1. What a good follow-up to your Bride-in-Waiting story. A confirmation from the Father! Thanks for sharing this lovely prose! Your snow covered trees are perfect-our Creator makes all things lovely.
    I know time in His word helped to heal you.


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