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God Spoke Through A Song


peace in storm

©Glenda Mills 2013

God often speaks through a song. An inspired phrase or lyric someone put to music, with a certain beat or melody….And it goes directly to your heart.

Hmmm…we think…”I could have written that song. It describes my life, thoughts, and struggles”.

Has that ever happened to you?  Maybe you have questions you wish someone would answer. A decision  made. A concern about a family member.  A loved one who is struggling with an illness or approaching death. A crossroads in your life with no idea which direction to take.

Just recently, I needed wisdom and direction about a decision I had to make. I prayed and read my bible, hoping for confirmation and specific instruction. I waited and I listened….for days. Just when I least expected it, God spoke through a song.

The words and music brought a new outlook…perspective…and confidant hope for things that matter most in this life…for today and all the days of tomorrow.

When was the last time God spoke to you through a song?

I pray your heart will take a fresh dose of encouragement as you read the words below.  If you have time, listen to the video that follows by Squire Parsons and the Gaither Home Coming Friends.

*Is This Not Beulah Land ?

I am dwelling on the mountain,
where the golden sunlight gleams
O’er a land whose wondrous beauty far exceeds my fondest dreams;
Where the air is pure, ethereal,
laden with the breath of flow’rs
They are blooming by the fountain,
’Neath the amaranths bow’rs.

 Is not this the land of Beulah?
 Blessed, blessed land of light
where the flowers bloom forever,
and the sun is always bright!

      I can see far down the mountain,
where I wandered weary years,
Often hindered in my journey
by the ghosts of doubts and fears;
Broken vows and disappointments
thickly sprinkled all the way,
But the Spirit led, unerring,
to the land I hold today.

      I am drinking at the fountain,
where I ever would abide;
For I’ve tasted life’s pure river,
and my soul is satisfied;
There’s no thirsting for life’s pleasures,
nor adorning, rich and fair
For I’ve found a richer treasure, One that fadeth not away.

      Oh, the cross has wondrous glory!
Oft I’ve proved this to be true;
When I’m in the way so narrow,
I can see a pathway through;
And how sweetly Jesus whispers:
“Take the cross, you need not fear,
For I’ve tried the way before thee,”
And the glory lingers near.

 Is not this the land of Beulah?
 Blessed, blessed land of light
     where the flowers bloom forever,
and the sun is always bright!

*William Bradbury – Public Domain

Click here to hear Squire Parsons and Gaither Home Coming Friends:

14 thoughts on “God Spoke Through A Song

  1. This is a beautiful reminder to me, Glenda how the Lord has sung over me. Actually, it reminds me of the many songs he has given to you for me. Thank you . . .


  2. Thanks Sweetie, I love that song.


  3. Hey Grandma! God has not only spoken to me through songs, but also through sermons and through my devotions-Jesus Calling-the one book I showed you during your last visit. It’s an amazing feeling, knowing that the God of the universe has spoken directly to you. How awesome!
    Hugs and Kisses


  4. Yes, God moves my heart through song so very often. I love Kari Jobe, “What Love is This”, and “The More I Seek You”. Also the Newsboys current one “Your Love” and the line that says ‘It overwhelms and satisfies my soul.” Last Sunday, we sang The Wonderful Cross….I could go on and on. Thanks for sharing this beautiful song with us.


    • It is amazing how God has given the Church down through the ages so many, many songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. So many of them lift us in worship and yes “overwhelms our souls”. What a wonderful God we know and love. One day we will see Him face to face. So glad we will be together at the Father’s House one day. It’s going to be so wonderful.


  5. For many years if God wanted to speak to me it was through a song. Music speaks to me in ways nothing else does. Now that I am farther along in my journey, God takes the more direct approach with me.


    • Yes, I know what you mean Cathy! God’s Word hits me directly every day as I read…I’m either encouraged, convicted, or challenged, and finally convinced that His Word is true and we can trust Him to speak through it.
      Then there are those days, when I feel beat up by the world’s attacks…it’s then I need a sweet song to remind me of His amazing grace…it’s still the sweetest Song I know.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  6. I love that He sings over us. Sometimes He opens our ears to hear the song He is singing,and sometimes He opens our mouths to sing the song that perfectly expresses our hearts to Him. Music is such an awesome language of the spirit!


  7. Oh yes this does happen to me! I’ll be at church and a certain song can move me to tears as the Holy Spirit causes it to touch my heart. Thank you for this beautiful post. :-). Have a blessed day.


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