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A Monday Pause – By Susan Stilwell


I was all set to post about a grandson’s birthday today, but in lieu of the tragedy that happened in Connecticut last week, I felt another time would be more appropriate.

Instead, I am sharing a post from

I pray that Susan’s well – spoken thoughts and prayers will encourage us all.

A Monday Pause ~ Shine

Let your light shine before men, Matt 5:16

Heavenly Father, we confess that Mondays can be rough for us,
but this week is especially hard.

While we’re preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus,
one of the most joyous occasions in history,
we’re reeling from the tragedy in Connecticut last Friday,
one of the most heinous events in history.

Our hearts must look like a mess to You –
broken for the families in the Sandy Hook community, but
thankful for our own families and
expectant for our celebrations, and
grieved for those whose lives will never be the same.

Please cover those families with Your comfort, and
give them an extraordinary awareness of Your presence.
Bless them with Your peace as they make decisions and arrangements
that break their hearts and crush their spirits.

And help them to turn their eyes upon Jesus.

Thank you for sending Him to us and for the assurance
that this world isn’t all there is.
In His name we pray, Amen.

You may want to visit Susan’s website…I Hope For Him… 


3 thoughts on “A Monday Pause – By Susan Stilwell

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder from Susan. When we’re all so silenced, it’s good to take a comfort pause. Thanks, Glenda.


  2. Thanks Sweetie!


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