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I just had to share the pictures I recently took from my back yard. Everyday I am blessed to sit at my dining room table and feast my eyes on the  changing colors of fall. The words I shared are actually an old hymn written back in the 1800’s by a man named Henry Ironside, so it is now  public domain and legal to post without permission.

Yes I love hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs! I love contempary music and southern gospel, and even a little bit of bluegrass unless its too twangy! I love the older hymns because they share some eternal truths about God that are sometimes missing in contemporary music.  In the meantime, God often fills my heart and mind with songs I learned in the past…. I love it when He puts a song in my heart!

Overshadowed – Words by Henry Ironside

How desolate my life would be,

How dark and drear my nights and days,

If Jesus’ face I did not see,

To brighten all earth’s weary ways

I’m overshadowed by His mighty love

Love eternal, changeless pure.

Overshadowed by His mighty love

Rest is mine, serene, secure.

He died to ransom me from sin,

He lives to keep me day by day,

I’m overshadowed by his mighty love,

Love that brightens all my way.

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10 thoughts on “Mountain Top Musings

  1. Wow Sweetie, the pictures make the words come to life. Thank you!


  2. Oh Glenda,

    LOVE the words you chose for these photos. Like Dave said, they make each other come alive! You have such a gift for this – sometimes I look at your pictures and read the words you’ve written and I can feel your heart beating with mine. What a lovely way to start my week. Thank you for sharing.



    • Becky, Thanks sweet friend for your loving words. So glad you’re one of my heart friends God has graced my life with this year. The pictures are from my back yard…so God gets the glory again….His creation is awesome. I love to sit at my dining room table and feast on the changing seasons…especially when fall colors come. The words I shared are from a hymn written in the 1800’s by Henry Ironside…That song has echoed in my heart for weeks during the Psalm 91 study with Jamie Britt…so I just had to share it.


  3. Love the pictures and the poem! And I love your blog header photo, as well. Beautiful mountains!


    • Thank you Heather, I love to share pictures from my back yard. I feel so blessed to live in the WV mountains, especially during fall season, even winter…that is until Feb…my Alabama roots tell me it’s time for spring! (: Actually the words were written as a hymn way back in the 1800’s by a man named Henry Ironside…It has several verses if you want to hear more google–“Overshadowed” and use his name. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. BEAUTIFUL, Glenda. What gorgeous pics. I grew up outside of Beckley, and have been in the Blue Ridge mountains of VA for over 30 years. I’m a mountain girl for sure!!


    • Susan, I knew that you live in the mountains in VA, but didn’t know about WV! Dave and I lived in Luray for six years before we moved to be near one of our children and 4 grandkids…We have grown to love the mountains. Thanks for stopping by…even while you’re on mission…right? So amazing…how quickly we can communicate with each other all over the world! Praying for you!


  5. Glenda – this is the most beautiful post . . . autumn, God’s mosaic masterpiece right outside of your backdoor! You know what? I bet Henry Ironside lived in West Virginia when He wrote this hymn . . . wish I was back there to sit on that porch with you, girlfriend.


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