A Place of Protection

He orders his angels to protect you
wherever you go (Psalm 91:11 NLT).  

Of all places and times to have a flat tire…. the Pennsylvania Interstate on a rainy cold morning during the busy Christmas Holidays! Thankfully, my husband was able to pull to the side of the road and hopefully out of harm’s way. When he called AAA road service, we were informed because of the busy holiday, it might be some time before they could dispatch someone to help us.

We felt like sitting ducks as heavy traffic continued to zoom past us.

Grabbing my cell phone, I called my prayer warrior sister. Sweet peace came as Carole prayed for protection and asked the Lord to send someone to help us.

To our surprise, a truck pulled up behind us—just as I ended my call. A dark handsome young man with a full beard got out of his truck and immediately went to work. Within five minutes the tire was changed and we were ready to get back on the road.

Delighted with such quick service, Dave reached to give the young man a grateful handshake and tip…. and true to my husband’s friendly nature asked, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Joshua.”

My husband responded with a big smile,  “God bless you!”

“God bless you!” he answered, and before we knew it—the young man climbed into his truck and was gone.

As we pulled back onto the road, I reached for my phone—I could hardly wait to share the news with my sister!

“Carole, he said his name is Joshua.”

“Glenda…Joshua means Jesus!”

Humbled. Grateful. Amazed. We felt like we had been touched by an angel! _____________________________________________________________________________

They will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone. You will trample upon lions and cobras; you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet. (Psalm 91: 12-13 NLT).

If Moses the man of God wrote this psalm, he might have thought of the time he ran from a snake and then later picked it up at God’s command. The snake became a rod….A rod of deliverance for the children of Israel from the bondage of slavery.

If David the man after God’s own heart wrote this psalm, he might have thought of times he was a shepherd boy and crushed lions to protect the sheep entrusted to his care.

Most of us don’t face fierce lions and slithering snakes as Moses or David did. Yet when danger lifts its ugly head in our own world, we need not fear because God orders his angels to protect us wherever we go. 

What other lessons for life can we learn from the psalmist? This is by no means an exhaustive list, but for lack of time and space I have listed four below.

1. If you live in the Presence of God Most High, He will overshadow you with love.

2. If you trust in the LORD,  He will be your Refuge and fortress.

3. If you stay in His Overshadowing Presence, His truth will shield and strengthen you. 

4. If you know the Name of your God and set your love on Him, He will give you salvation.

Dear friends, what enemy in the wilderness would have overwhelmed and defeated you, had you not been trusting in God?

Prayer: Father in heaven, how grateful we are for your promise of protection and deliverance.  Give us grace to trust you and lean upon you through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

13 thoughts on “A Place of Protection

  1. Amazing how God answers prayer. So often, before the days of SatNav when I was lost in a strange city, often in a strange country, I would pray for help, a car would come out ahead of me and I would follow it till I could find the way. Anyone could say coincidence, but then coincidences don’t tend to be consistent.


    • You are so right…coincidences in the life of a daring faith such as yours don’t tend to be consistent…yet God’s promises and presence always are. We may feel lost at times, but never are. God is always with us and His invisible Hand points the way. I love your example of Him sending a car to follow showing you the way. How awesome is our God!


  2. Doing a study with our Group in Africa on some of the a Psalms and this week fell on Psalm 91. Imagine my wonderful surprise to do a google search on “Psalm 91 study” only to have my dear friend’s name pop up! Yay! So excited to study this Psalm “with you” this week!! 🙂


    • Pam, Isn’t it something how God connects and reconnects us…even through google and as far away as Africa? Bless you for showing up and commenting today! I pray your psalm 91 study will be a rich blessing to your group. Love you!


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