Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

Will you let me wash your feet?


Wash My Feet?

Jesus took a towel and basin

and met with me one day.

Will you let me wash your feet

before you go your way?

Before you begin the work,

I’ve called you to do

Before you yield your body,

My power and love flow through.

Before you face another day,

knowing not what it will bring,

Will you let me wash your feet

and cause your heart to sing?

Will you cease from all self-effort,

come to me and rest?

Learn my yoke is easy,

My will for you is best.

Will you let me wash your feet

before you start your day?

Will you listen for my voice,

My will and my way?


Not only my feet Lord…my head, my hands and heart.

10 thoughts on “Will you let me wash your feet?

  1. Hasty words I later regretted….

    Glenda, this is a wonderful post to start the week. And I love the Matthew 6 passage from the Message. I am often tempted to role-play before God – what a wasted effort!

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder of how much He loves us just as we are.



    • Becky, It’s true. Such grace to love us the way we are…then to forgive and forget when its sometimes hard for us to do so. Then to top it off, He allows us to pray and repent…however many times it takes…He’s out to change us…painful, but necessary! Thanks for sharing, dear friend!
      Hugs back to you!


  2. Sweetie, Thanks for sharing this. It’s somethng to keep in mind all the time.


  3. Beautiful words and beautiful application. Thank you, Glenda.


  4. So grateful we can come into His presence just as we are — dirty, smelly, bratty… and walk away clean. Thanks for the sweet reminder, Glenda. Praying for you and your family today.

    Hugs from VA 🙂


    • Isn’t it just amazing Susan…the bath He gives us, washing us from the inside out. Such a loving Saviour!
      Thank you for stopping by Susan and thanks also for your prayers for our family. We feel them!


  5. I love the poem part of this blog/article – I can almost hear it with a lovely melody!


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