Outside The Garden

“Why are you so angry and why has your countenance fallen?
If you do well, will you not be accepted””
Cain didn’t listen to God’s counsel, nor did he overcome the sin
that crouched at his door.
He did not master anger, so it mastered him.
Cain killed his brother because he believed the lie,
Has God said? 

There was One who came to restore the hearts of the fallen
back to the Father, and back to the Garden.
Jesus lived among us and showed us what God is like.
Son of man, fully God, fully man.
Seeker of the lost, perfect sacrifice for our sin.
The Savior suffered and died for you and me
on a cruel cross called Calvary,
then rose again the third day, just as he said.

Forty days later, Jesus went back to the Father to prepare
a place for us in heaven.
The born again redeemed children of God.

Jesus still comes seeking men and women,
lost boys and girls outside the garden.
Desert dwellers, wilderness wanderers.
Prodigals and broken-hearted,
misfits and cast aways.
The helpless and hopeless,
guilty and ashamed.

Here’s the good news…You can be born again
and find new life in Christ.

Meditations from Genesis 4, John 1, John 3

8 thoughts on “Outside The Garden

  1. “Pursuing fellowship with the fallen.” Who does that???

    Jesus does. And I’m so grateful that He does.

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Glenda.


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