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Monday Morning Meditations



Let the Children Come to Me

I’m honored to be a guest blogger for Jamie Britt today.

I met Jamie at Christian Devotions Boot Camp earlier this year. A very gifted and budding blogger/writer, Jamie loves to encourage the hearts of women…and she does it with wisdom beyond her years!

Join Jamie and I at

While you’re there, be sure and check out more about Jamie…maybe read one of her blogs. I believe you will certainly be encouraged!

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Meditations

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, Glenda. I enjoyed your post on Jamie’s site Monday. Isn’t she a sweetie? And I love the looks of that strawberry salad. I’m a sucker for anything with berries 🙂

    Looking forward to following you!
    Hugs from VA, Susan


    • Susan,
      I’m so happy to connect with you! I often see your comments to Vonda Skelton and other sister bloggers. I was greatly encouraged by your comment about my blog on Jamie’s blogsite. Yes, Jamie is a sweetie and one of God’s choicest jewels! So glad God let our lives connect.

      The strawberry salad you mentioned has a special story about a dear brother who is now in heaven… who dearly loved the salad made by my sister who made it for him often while he was with us. When he left us, Jean renamed it Davy’s salad!

      I too look forward to following you….maybe I will leave a prayer request next Monday. Thanks Susan for stopping by!!


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