The Rose of Sharon

Pink Lily


Come with me to one of my favorite websites where I am a guest blogger this week. Click here and check out

The devotion that is featured—Rose of Sharon, was originally a greeting card I designed and wrote many years ago. It’s been recycled, tweaked, edited, and now is published with>

While you’re there I hope you will take some time to read some of the featured articles of other writers. You might even want to sign up for a devotion to come to your email each day.


11 thoughts on “The Rose of Sharon

  1. Glad you shared this today-there was a message for me contained in the very opening lines-God is so amazing! Thank you for letting Him use you!


    • Laura, I am so grateful when I read comments like this. I want others to hear those little messages through the words He shares with me. God is amazing, always! Thanks for sharing, dear friend!


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