Glenda Mills

Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

Religious Rebel


I realize it’s time to celebrate our Nation’s Birthday.

It’s also time to celebrate mine!

America was born on July 4th, 1776…fighting for religious freedom.

I was Born on the 4th of July… fighting for my life.

Second born of seven children.
Daughter of a mother who took me to church—
taught me about Jesus,
raised me to honor and fear God.
My mother bore witness to this truth:
There is a Redeemer—
*Pierced for my rebellion…
Crushed for my sins
Beaten so I could be whole…
Whipped so I could be healed.

I was daughter of a father who held his babe—
rocked me… sang songs over me…
songs about Jesus.
My father bore witness to this truth—
Jesus is the Redeemer….
*The Lamb of God
who takes away
the sins of the world.

I was Granddaughter of One who modeled
the love of Jesus—
the joy of the Lord.
My grandmother bore witness to this truth…
We love because He loved us first.
Whoever loves God…
loves others.

I grew up wanting to know God.

Religion without relationship….
I knew about Him, but I did not know Him.

I went to church every time the doors opened.
Sang in the choir—yet afraid of God.
A good girl, tried to keep rules
and traditions of the church—
yet at home I was a rebel.
Scrapping, fighting, and striving for control.

A religious rebel who needed a redeemer—
One to regain possession
of the seed of Adam and Eve
One to rescue from slavery of sin,
One to pay penalty for sin….
One to forgive, restore, and renew.

I needed Jesus—
His body and blood… perfect sacrifice.
His death, resurrection, and ascension…
made heaven possible.
His Spirit descended—
His Seed implanted.
New birth— born again!

He lives as Advocate—
Slow to anger
Full of loving kindness
Mercy and truth —
Pleading on our behalf before God.

I want to bear witness to this truth—
I have been saved by grace, *a gift extended,
Trusting in the name of Jesus—
atoning blood and sacrifice;
turning and repenting from sin.

Not perfect—
perfectly loved—
Trusting in perfect Lamb of God.

*Reflections from Isaiah 53; John 1, 3, Ephesians 2, 1 John 4

14 thoughts on “Religious Rebel

  1. Happy birthday, Glenda! And thank you for sharing your story. I, too, was a religious rebel who needed a Redeemer, In church every Sunday, singing in the choir, and having no idea of the gift of grace. But praise God, I finally understood the Sacrifice and came to know Him as my Savior. And now I’m FREE!


  2. Glenda – Wonderful post! And guess what! My mother-in-law shares a birthday with you! July 4th!

    Love, love, love it. Are you sure we’re not all related somehow? Oh yeah…sisters. HIS kids. Yep. Not perfect, but perfectly loved.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  3. Sweetie, you’re not a rebel anymore but my Sweet Country Rose. I love you. Happy Birthday.


  4. Dave, you might be a little prejudice!Thanks anyway! Love you.


  5. I love this, thanks for sharing, Glenda . . . for you the religious rebel, and for me . . . just a rebel. Yet, equally and perfectly loved by Father . . . and happy birthday to you and America! (By the way, we went to church down at Christ Church in Phila this morning, and sat in William Penn’s pew. . . . very cool).


    • From one redeemed rebel to another…I am so glad Jesus picked up two wandering sheep, from different areas of the country and made us not only sister sheep, but sister friends also. Thanks for sharing Verna. Love you!


  6. WOW! Love this post. Sooo inspriring. My husband’s birthday is today.


  7. ….and Happy Birthday, if I forget!


  8. Glenda, Happy Birthday! What a great post! I understand all about being a religious rebel. I’m going to share this with others.


  9. Reblogged this on Where the Winds Blow and commented:
    Dear Readers, I’ve missed sharing my heart with you. I’m still experiencing some technical difficulties. This is a great post by my friend, Glenda Mills. I encourage you to check out her website. Given the upcoming holiday, I thought I would share her words with you. I know I was able to relate about being a religious rebel. Can you?


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