Posted by: Glenda Mills | June 25, 2012

When The Cupboard Is Bare


A dollar and a chicken! That’s all we had! Well there may have been a few more things in our cupboard, but do you get the picture?

It seems like just yesterday when we put our house up for sale, packed our belongings, and moved once again. Dave’s call to seminary meant leaving the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania, and traveling half way across the country to the flat desert plains of Ft. Worth, Texas.

Two weeks after our arrival, we knew we were in trouble. Our house had not sold. The VA check had not come. We had two children to feed and no money for food. By the end of the day, we felt pretty desperate. Had we heard wrong? Did God really call us to this place?

It was perfect timing for the Lord to give us a visual of his provision. It came with a knock on our front door. When Dave opened the door, a young man stood on our front porch. At his feet were several bags of groceries, including a large sack of potatoes!

“I can’t pay for these”,  my almost speechless husband said.

“These groceries are a gift from the Lord—and that’s all you need to know!”

The young man left that day with a big smile on his face. A student himself, he no doubt understood how important it is to trust God for our daily bread.

Within a few days, thevVA Bill check arrived. Dave found a job to supplement our income for the next three years. Our house sold six months later, enabling us to buy a smaller home right across the street where our children went to school, only two blocks from the seminary.

We learned many valuable lessons during those years about God’s provision of manna in the desert. More than once, he showed up when our puny resources dried up.

He is the same God who fed the children of Israel with manna during forty years in the wilderness. The One who fed Elijah by ravens when the brook dried up. The Savior who fed the multitudes with two fishes, and five loaves.

He is Jesus—Yeshua—Salvation to all who call on his Name. Spiritual manna from heaven to fill the emptiness of our hearts.

When your heart is empty and you face needs you cannot provide for yourself or your family, remember Jesus still knocks at the door of our hearts. He promises to come in and provide whatever the need is.

Look! Here I stand at the door and knock. If you hear me calling and open the door, I will come in and we will share a meal as friends. Rev. 3:20




  1. Beautiful testimony, Glenda! Great reminder that He is our great provider, in all things. Thank you for sharing. I especially like the verses you chose for this post.


    • Thank you sweet friend! Yes Jehovah Jireh, our provider…praise Him for his provision and especially for His Promises from His Word. Thanks for stopping by. God bless you!


  2. Sweetie, I remember it well. God has been so good to us. Thank you for posting this.


    • It’s good to remember those times together, isn’t it!
      Love you!


  3. Glenda – I love stories like these. Not just because they’re cool and they send little shivers up my spine. They are and they do but it’s because they PROVE the existence and the attentiveness of a God who created us to need Him. Is it easy? Well, honestly I’d rather HEAR these stories than have to walk through them myself…. But the times that He’s appeared on our doorstep keep adding up and we keep having a doorstep for Him to show up on! He always provides. Always.


  4. Yes hearing and walking through this journey of life are two different things…and that’s what makes the Lord so real and so personal, proving Himself over and over again as our loving provider. Don’t you just love it when He does show up at your doorstep? And yes I hear you, grateful we have a doorstep to show up on! Thanks for sharing, Becky! God bless you!


  5. I’m glad to see that you shared this wonderful story. He is always with us!! Our Savior and Lord.


  6. A beautiful story, Glenda and a timely reminder. Thank you for sharing!


    • Thanks Leagh for stopping by with your encouraging words. God bless you!


  7. I LOVE that story, Glenda! Thank you for sharing it with us!


    • And thank you Vonda for stopping by with your words of encouragement. I’m so grateful we are connected in the Lord. God bless you!


  8. Faith! God does provide. Thanks for sharing your story.


    • Oh yes, so grateful He does provide! Thanks for stopping by Jan! God bless you!


  9. Beautiful, Glenda! You came carrying the bread today -thank you!


    • Sandy,
      So grateful God allows us to eat from His table…that’s the only way we can share it with others. Thank you my dear and constant friend. You are such a beautiful fragrance of Jesus, not only to me, but to all who know you. God bless you today as you take care of your beautiful grandchildren.


  10. Thank you Glenda, for this tender reminder of how Father watches over and sends just what we need when we need . . . in His goodness. So many times I can relate (actually we either had a dollar OR the chicken, smile).


    • Yes, God is always good and able to meet every need…even sending a good friend like you into my life during a desert period. Thanks for stopping by Verna.


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