Launch Out

Boat tied to dock

I saw a small rowboat tied to some
rocks. A hand was suspended in
mid-air holding a pair of scissors;
as if waiting for permission to cut
the rope. Beyond the shore was an
ocean liner put well out to sea.
The scene’s suggestion: If the rope
was cut, the boat would be free to
launch out into the depths of the sea.

I’ve never been one to jump too quickly into unchartered waters, unless I receive
a personal invitation from God. So when the call came for me to accompany my
husband for an extended period of time on the other side of the world, I hesitated.
I worried. I wrestled with doubts and fear.

Truth is, I needed someone to cut the rope of my comfort zone. Only then would
I be free to let go of the familiar…. And trust God for the unknown.

God knew about my struggle and spoke these words through a poem. The words
soon took root in my heart and before I knew it, I was set free to take the journey
of a life-time.

Come away with Me, Beloved.
Break away from
thoughts and cares
that bind you.
Release your grip,
Let go and
give it all to Me.
Launch out!
Leave the shores
of doubts and fears.
Put well out to sea,
with soul anchored,
trusting Me.
Launch out!
Push away from
others’ expectations.
Your heart will be set free
to please only Me,
when you launch out
into the depths of My love. 

Do you struggle to let go and trust God in certain areas of your life?

If so, I invite you to join me—let’s give our fears to Jesus and launch out
into the depths of His love.

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up
with my victorious right hand.
(Isaiah 41:10 NLT)

21 thoughts on “Launch Out

  1. Glenda,

    I read this poem to my young daughter and she asked “Is it safe?” I told her no – the depths of love are not safe, or easy, but rewarding and breathtaking and fulfilling in a way that we’ll never experience in the shallows. Thanks for sharing this tender word, Glenda!


    • Wow Becky,

      Becky, Your daughter asked a very good question and her mother’s answer was absolutely true!! Thank you for adding another perspective to this poem. Hmmm…maybe a seed of thought for another blog!! Hugs for you and your sweet daugher!

      In Christ Alone,


    • Amy, Yes, letting Him take us where He wants us is what it’s all about. Oh for amazing grace that enables us to relax and let go into the arms of the Lord. The only safe place for body, soul, spirit. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Reblogged this on Glenda Mills and commented:

    Something happened in my life this week that stirred up memories of the poem and blog I wrote years ago….And now I’m feeling led to share it with you–praying you may be encouraged to let go and trust God to chart your troubled waters. It’s the safest place to be in our ever-changing world, my friend.


  3. Love the pictures and the poem! As we know, it is all so true…The old song, ” Trust and obey”, comes to mind….Much love dear friend…such things only come from one who has walked in deep waters and found Him faithful. Lvu


    • Trust and obey…for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus…and He just keeps beckoning us to go a little further into the depths of His love. Thanks for stopping by and sharing, sweet friend.


  4. This is beautiful, Glenda. I’m behind on blog reading but glad I saw this as I did not see it when you posted this a few years ago (maybe we had not yet connected at that point?) At any rate, I’m glad you posted it again- so rich. I especially LOVE the last stanza, Many blessings to you as you launch out in this season! xoxo


    • Cindy,
      Yeh, we had not connected when I posted this the first time. So glad you liked this…yeh, that last stanza still ministers to me…when my heart can be free to please only Him, I am truly letting go and launching out deeper into His love. Your blog ‘Deeper Still echoes the voice of our Captain. Hugs!


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