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A Bloggers Bouquet


“I won’t wait until someone has passed from this life to give flowers. I believe in giving them while a person is still living!” (Read list of bloggers below who have been awarded this blog)

A friend shared this little tidbit long ago and I’ve never forgotten it. There are just days when we all need to be encouraged.

Jesus knew the value of encouragement when he walked through this life with his disciples. Though there were many times of instruction and correction to his followers; there were also times of approval to those whose hearts were wholly turned towards Him.

The woman who broke her alabaster bottle over the feet of Jesus…washing, anointing, and loving Him, is probably the greatest example of this. When another scolded this woman because of her past reputation and costly gift; Jesus quickly honored her. “This woman loves much, because she has been forgiven much. She will be remembered for this”.  Her name was Mary and her love for Jesus was written down for all generations to come.

Writers and bloggers are no different. We struggle with the same issues others do. When we write down what God gives us, our prayer is that it will make a difference in the lives of others. Though in our hearts, we long to hear Jesus say: “Well done, good and faithful servant”…we feel twice blessed when a member of His Body gives a special gift such as Becky Doughty gave me a few days ago.

Thank you Becky for this gift of encouragement of the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Please check Becky’s website at

Becky is a “Brave Heart”, who loves Jesus extravagantly, as seen through her blogs and the book she has written…Life Letters. This book is available through as both paperback and e-book.

I had lots of fun looking at some new blogs that I have signed up to follow. I hope you will take the time to visit these blogs and tell them I sent you!

The Kreativ Blog Award goes to the following people:

Andrea Tankersley/Heart Springs:

Lidj/Crown of Beauty:

Lorie A. Yocum:


Sharon Guthrie:

Andrea Bowling Purdue:

Laura Van Deurs Geese:

Congratulations Kreativ Blogger Award winners!

Please pass this award along to your friends and take the time to list seven bloggers you enjoy.

Also, please list seven things about yourself to pass along to your readers.

My List:

1. My first love is Jesus. I made a commitment many years ago to follow Him and I have never regretted that decision.

2. I am an incurable romantic and still in love with my husband after 48 years of marriage!

3. My career choice many years ago? To get married for life and have children and grandchildren. God granted that desire with two children and seven
grandchildren thus far. We are blessed beyond belief, and all because of God’s amazing grace.

4. I have lived in many places and traveled half way around the world with my husband.

5. I am blessed to have many friends around this nation and beyond.

6. I am content in this season of my life as worshipper of God, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and writer.

7. Blogging gives me a place to use the gifts God has given me with a prayer to be a blessing to others.

Congratulations again Bloggers!

May you be encouraged to pass along a bouquet of blessing to seven more bloggers.

By Grace through faith,

4 thoughts on “A Bloggers Bouquet

  1. Lovely. And the charge to give flowers now is absolutely spot on! Thanks for your words, Glenda!


  2. Thank you Becky. Though this takes lots of time to post, it is so worth it. There are so many good bloggers out there waiting to be encouraged. Thanks again for the award.
    God bless you and yours!


  3. You are such a blessing! THANK YOU!
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,


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