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Marriage Markers


How did we get here so fast? Seems like just yesterday we took those vows, praying they would last a lifetime. Dave and I gratefully reached a milestone this month. Forty-eight years of marriage.

We drove  just a few miles south to beautiful Tygart Lake Lodge near Grafton WV, to celebrate this momentous event.

The view from our room was both quiet and spectacular—showcasing both sunrise and sunset, over the beautiful lake nestled between the Appalachian Mountains.

How could I not capture this silent beauty with photo and penned words on paper?

Silent voice of morning
Brushing, blending colors
Shading, enhancing, reflecting,
Proclaiming—  I Am Creator God

 Silent voice of creation
Awakening, transforming, shouting,
Open your eyes, your heart, your mouth,
Praise Me— I AM Creator God

Silent voice of Maker
Speaking to hearts looking up
Refreshing, restoring, recreating,
Praising— Joy of Creator God

Dave and I did come home refreshed and rejoicing; after taking time to remember the years God has given us. We dare not boast in ourselves however.  We are still a work in progress and grateful for the three cord strand of love that holds us together!

We do boast in a perfect Heavenly Father; who loves us perfectly and continues to teach us how to love one another. We give God the Glory. We want our lives to reflect His story.

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” (Genesis 2:18 NLT).

*Pictures and poem by Glenda Mills:
All Rights reserved

18 thoughts on “Marriage Markers

  1. Sweetie, This is beautiful. Thanks for using your God-given talent to glorify Him.


  2. Glenda, such beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing and the reminder that marriages still have endurance when Christ is in the center. You’re a beautiful couple!


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  4. Glenda,

    I’m here because of Holly – what a blessing!


  5. Congratulations, Glenda! That’s quite an achievement, and yes, we all have Him to thank for that! And as always, I love your beautiful words and photos. Thanks for sharing them with us!


  6. I saw Holly’s note and had to visit your blog. It’s lovely. Thanks for sharing your faith in such a beautiful way.


  7. . . . the longevity and blessing of your marriage is an inspiration to us . . . so glad you had a special time away – thanks for sharing the beautiful scenes!


  8. I’ve just hopped over from Holly’s blog. How lucky you are to have a good marriage, which has lasted so long. Bless you both.


    • Thanks Francene for stopping by. It’s all about grace and lots of hard work in prayer and communication with each other; with Jesus our counselor, savior, and friend. Thanks be to God.


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